Monday, November 12, 2007

I'm All Over The Place

I did not have one thing planned for this weekend. I wanted to knit, finish unpacking the last few boxes, clean house and all that. Well let’s just say I was BORED. Saturday I did get that last box unpacked in the living room. We cleaned up our room too and got a new fan (this time with a light) and it looks good. Now only the guest bedroom and office are a wreck. I will get to them. After we moved our furniture ended up shifting around and now it seems like I don’t have enough to go around. I badly need a medicine cabinet/cupboard in the master bath and maybe a dresser for our room. We got rid of the big ugly thing we had but we never actually had a bedroom set so now we have our stuff in the old drawers stacked on an old coffee table. Sounds worse than it looks but it works for now. I don’t have any furniture besides a bed in the guest room so I’ll probably be looking for a dresser in there too. The office…well lets just say that it’s a catch all for the stuff that doesn’t have a home yet. It is the office/craft room/storage closet. I really need to organize in there but I have been waiting until we pick up a desk that came from my old office. At least the living room and our room look decent right now. I’m sure that was more than you needed to know about our house right now.

So after all that I wanted to get out on Sunday. I talked the hubby into going to the Volusia County Fair. It was nice. We got to eat, see the exhibits, eat some more, see the animals (no sheep or other fiber animals though), eat and see a concert. Did I mention we ate? The food was awesome of course. We had the typical fair type food, hot dogs and corn dogs, popcorn, lemonade and a turkey leg for the hubby. We even finished it off with a funnel cake. I don’t have any pictures so you will have to imagine how good it was, although I don’t think you’ll have a problem with that. Man I love the fair. I hope I walked off at least half of those calories while we were there.

I did get a bunch done on the Striped Sock on the way. I am about an inch away from starting the toe. My goal for having it done by the weekend was not met, but that’s ok. It makes it seem like my foot is huge but it is only slightly huge. I wear a size 9-10 shoe so the foot seems to take forever! I have tried it on so far and I like how it looks.

I got to finish up the gauge swatch for the Ballet Cami this weekend too. I washed it and dried it to see how much the gauge changed. I got gauge after it was dried but the gauge listed was after drying too so I think I’m good. I think I will cast on as soon as the First Striped Sock is done. The one on the left is before washing and the right is after.

I will leave you with a video from Diana’s walk this morning. This is sort of a test to see how the video looks. It’s kinda blurry because I recorded it on my phone while we were walking. Diana is so sidetracked while she is walking. I swear her nose never leaves the floor. Now I understand why you can’t let a beagle off the leash. Geez…this post was all over the place!



Anonymous said...

Are you sure she isn't part bloodhound? The socks look great also! And just like your post, my message seems all over the place too! Maybe, its because its Monday! :)

Your secret pal

Angela Martínez said...

Dang, you should have called me Saturday afternoon! I finished work at noon, and the grandparents weren't ready to give J back until after 5. I would have much rather met up for some knitting, but my lawn appreciates the fact that it finally got mowed.

The fair sounded like a lot of fun. I haven't been in about 12 years. Maybe next year.