Wednesday, January 30, 2008


**If you want a chance to win some yarny goodness there is a contest over at My House of Wool. She hasn’t said what the prize but I’m sure it’ll be good! You have until Feb 4th to enter, and make sure to mention that you saw it here!**

Bear with me if this post is a little lacking…Let me tell you, this has been quite a week…Today was going a little better than the last two because I thought it was Thursday. I was sadly mistaken and that kind of set the tone for today. Blah…I’m just going to grit my teeth and get through to the weekend. At least I have my yarn to squeeze. :-)

Speaking of yarn, I received my order from Ewe-Phoria Yarns a couple days ago. It is gorgeous! After hearing about the shop on L&V, I checked it out. This was more of an impulse buy, but I was so surprised at the prices in the shop that I had to order. This yarn is called Flamenco and is sort of a hot pink/maroon and dk purple/black. I love the pink and black combo almost as much as pink and brown.

I was able to turn the heel on the Anastasia sock on Sunday. I met up with Angie again while the boys went to see a movie. Turning a heel is hard while you are chatting! I had to keep stopping to count the stitches. I tried it on and it looks great. I thought it might be a tad small (again) but the negative ease is just enough to open up the eyelets. Nice. I will show it on the foot in the next progress shot.

While I was trying to get a picture of the sock Jessie insisted that she was more important. It took a couple of pictures to get one without her in it. But to make her feel better I got one of her too.

That’s about all I got, except that I am starting this tonight. I took a hint from Alyson since the recipient most likely reads my blog. Well it’s back to work now. Tonight is Knit Night but I probably won’t be going. There is just too much going on this week. Maybe next week?


Thursday, January 24, 2008

Almost Friday...

The hubby just called to say that he’s taking Diana to the vet. Apparently she didn’t eat her food today. Usually she eats her food when I put it down in the morning but today she didn’t so I stuck it in her crate with her and went on my way. Since she didn’t eat (and beagles never refuse food) he thinks she may have a tummy ache or something. I won’t know anything until they get back later. I hope it’s nothing major and she feels better soon.

I am still trudging along on the Anastasia Sock. The pattern is plain and predictable but still entertaining. I can knit it without paying attention and not make mistakes (usually). As of last night I am about an inch from starting the heel. I made it out to knit night last night so I got a bunch done there. I am surprised that I get so much knitting done between the talking. It is a bit of a drive for me but I am going to try and go more often than not.

Well, we are on the hunt for a car again. We are still following Dave Ramsey's plan and decided that in order for us to be debt free, we need to make a few sacrifices. We have decided to sell my 2001 Mustang (that we owe too much on) and buy a used car for cash. If I can find a late 90’s Honda I would be more than happy to drive that for a couple of years. A car’s a car and I’m tired of worrying about what I drive and what it says about me. A car is not a status symbol, it’s a debt symbol. If we sell the Mustang, we won’t have a car payment at all and can put the money we would have used for the payment toward other debts. We hope to have everything paid off but the house in less than 2 years. Then we could save up for a really good down payment (like ½ the price) for a newer car that we want. I am totally fine driving a used Accord until it dies though. The economy is really scaring me since I work in Real Estate so I want to cut down as many debts and payments as possible. So anyone want to buy a Mustang? Ha…

BTW, Can you believe it’s already Jan 24th? Where did the month go? I want to wish a very Happy Birthday to my nephew Joseph who is turning 9 today and also to Gail @ All Strung Out (who looks fabulous! Not a day over 39! :-)


Monday, January 21, 2008

Busy, Busy

Is it just me, or was everyone sick last weekend? I was one of the lucky ones so far. I heard some horror stories this morning. Yuck…

The weekend was very productive for us. We got a ton of stuff done around the house. As of now we only have a carport and storage room at our house. Since we moved from a place with a garage we had a ton of stuff left over. Slowly we have been sifting through it and threw away a ton but the storage/laundry room was still a mess. I was barely able to get in and do the laundry, not that I minded not being able to do a load once in a while. So over the weekend we sold some stuff, tossed some stuff and bought a few things to organize the small space we have. It looks so much nicer now. We are also almost finished cleaning and organizing the guest bedroom and office too. I didn’t get to finish painting the living room like I wanted to but I will get to it soon. This place is looking more like home everyday.

I did fit in some good knitting time too. I worked on the Anastasia sock and I have to say that it is turning out better than I thought. I like how the yarn is not pooling but it is really fuzzy. It’s probably because this yarn is 100% Superwash Wool and it has been knit and frogged several times.

I also started a wee little baby sock to go with the hat that I made for my cousin’s baby. I really don’t like little socks. They seem to be harder to knit that the regular size. I really don’t like the heel that I used. Definitely not my best work and that’s probably why they aren’t finished yet. I will probably rip back the heel and do it over again.

Now isn’t this yarn gorgeous? I recently won it at a contest over on Jennifer’s blog. The contest question was “If you could only knit one thing in 2008, what would it be?” I chose a Log Cabin Blanket because it would take me forever, probably the whole year, and would keep me entertained. The yarn I won is Fearless Fibers Superwash Merino Sock Yarn. Beautiful. I love how deep the purple color is and that it’s more like a shaded solid than variegated yarn. This skein is huge too, 550 yards. I am thinking that I shouldn’t knit socks with it because of how much will be left over. I was thinking of maybe a Chevron Scarf? This color mixed with a lighter brown? What do you think? What color would make this “pop”? I haven’t had much experience with blending colors since most of my projects are only one color.

So that’s all I have for today. I have to go home and figure out what’s for dinner since the hubby just called and said that I never turned the crock-pot on this morning…Oy


**BTW I am returning the KP Total Tote. I just couldn't justify keeping it when I had the other one for so much cheaper.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Which One?

So I finally got the Knit Picks Bag yesterday. They are completely identical. In my head I was still hoping that there was a reason that the Total Tote was so much more than the make up bag. Nope, no reason at all. After looking them over carefully, I really do like the make-up bag better. It’s probably because it is black and I always lean towards black. Com on, it goes with everything. I like that the Total Tote is suede but I can’t justify paying $20 more for suede. So the Total Tote is getting shipped back tomorrow. Now the question is, should I get store credit and go shopping or be a good girl and take the refund?

I hate being a complainer but I’ve got something on my mind. My job description is receptionist/assistant to the broker of my real estate company but I agreed to some time helping his wife out as part of my 40 a week of work. She has a mortgage business and a 6 month old and is a bit overwhelmed. So I go over to her house for about 3 hours 3 days a week. She told me that I would be helping her file, organize, make calls etc. Well the few times that I have been there I have cleaned most of the time. They have a 3000 sqft house and it is a pain to vacuum and mop and that has been at the top of my list every time I visit. I vacuum, mop, dust, clean bathrooms, iron, etc. I really hate cleaning too. I don’t mind pitching in but I don’t even vacuum my house 3 times a week! I don’t want to say anything because they are paying me for my time and they have done so much for us but I feel taken advantage of. I didn’t apply to be a housekeeper and think maybe they should hire one. Plus being there Monday, Wednesday and Friday and having an office meeting on Tuesday morning is really cutting into my work time. What do you think?

I haven’t had too much time for knitting these past couple of days but I got a few rows in on the Anastasia Sock. I really like how that pattern shows up with the yarn. Maybe I will actually finish the pair this time. I really want to get these done and get this yarn out of my stash!!

Tonight is Knit Night again at All Strung Out. I’m not sure if I am going yet. We’ll see! Hey Angie, when are we gonna get our knit night together, huh? Maybe when you feel better we'll talk about it again.


Monday, January 14, 2008

Not Feeling The Love

I’m telling you the world just doesn’t like me right now…I made my way back to IKEA on Saturday to pick up our kitchen table that was out of stock the last time we were there and it was still out of stock. I wish that I could order it by phone then go pick it up but no, I have to keep checking in store. It is a little bit of a drive for me so I’m not happy about it. At least the hubby was in a cleaning sort of mood on Sunday. We got the guest bedroom all organized and clean and we are almost done with the office. When that’s done all I need to do is finish painting and I think we will be finally moved in!

I sort of have a new WIP. I am casting on for Anastasia Socks with the Zen String Purple Eater. This is the 3rd pattern I am trying with this yarn. So far the patterns just haven’t been working out. This yarn just doesn’t like me. This is even the 3rd time starting the Anastasia Sock since last week. The first time I dropped a stitch in the middle of a yarn over and I couldn't sort out the mess and this last time I got about 10 rows into the pattern and realized that I was supposed to knit on all odd rows…Rip! At least I didn’t have to rip it all the way out, just back to the toe and start over. I am determined to get this yarn knit before I start any other new socks now! Oh and for the Slippery Socks? Nice pattern but - Rip! It doesn’t show up very well on this yarn, too fuzzy.

And on to another complaint about Knit Picks. Well it’s not really about them but it involves them. I saw that Total Tote on their site and I was so excited about using the it to be my knitting bag/purse so I ordered it. After ordering it I searched around Ravelry on the Knit Picks Lovers thread and came across a post about the Total Tote. Well, I come to find out that JoAnn’s sells the exact same bag for $15 cheaper…bummer. Then I kept reading and saw “If you want to see it before you order it, check Walgreens. It’s their makeup bag.” I did check out Walgreens and there it was, priced at half of what I paid, and they had it in black (KP only had brown). So I bought the black one and I am going to wait until the order arrives to see which I like better. I have a feeling that the cheaper one will win me over. At least Knit Picks takes returns.

Oh and I did make it out to the Knit Night at All Strung Out last week. It was a blast. I am probably going to go this week too. Everyone was so nice and funny too!


Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Shoot Me, Please

Wow, dog sitting is really kicking my ass. I was up from 3am to 5am last night while the older dog Bailey (she is at least 13yrs old…) panted, licked herself, and walked around with her nails on the wood floors. I can usually sleep through that stuff but I bugged me last night. So at about 6:30 I gave up and got my day started. Not bad though because I am usually up at about 7am. I let them out and saw how pretty the sunrise looked on the canal. I don’t ever get to see this because the sun is already up by 7am and my house doesn’t have a great view of it like this house does. Pretty huh?

I wanted this post to go up two days ago but my camera was completely dead and I had no idea where the charger was. Now that I found it I could get some pictures of my first FO of 2008. I *finally* finished the Sweet Baby Hat for my cousin. I finished in on Sunday afternoon but I will wait to send it off until I get a couple other things for her. I just love the cute little ties! I tied it on my cat’s head when I finished but she really didn’t like that.

So now I’m off to fine some fabric to make a baby blanket to go with the hat. I may even stop by the knit night at All Stung Out in Cocoa Beach. I am all alone tonight so why not?


Friday, January 4, 2008

A New Year, A New Start

**If you want to skip all the New Years reflections stuff there is knitting content at the end :-)**

Everyone always has profound things to say about New Years. I like to think of the New Year as a new start to get it right this time. When I look back there are always things that I might have done differently if I got the chance. For this year I don’t want to make resolutions. It seems like when you label it a resolution you are one step closer to failing. I always say that I want to get in shape or be a better person in some way. So this year I want to set some realistic goals for myself that are not just because of the New Year and will be ongoing beyond 2008. So here are my goals:

  1. As always, try to eat healthier and shed a few pounds. I am contemplating joining Weight Watchers Online. I have joined before and like the points system. I will incorporate my morning walk with Diana and try to get out more.
  2. The hubby and I are going to continue the process of becoming debt free with FPU. We finished the class in November and have been trying to get everything except our house paid off. We have paid off a couple of things but I don’t want to get discouraged because the last couple things take a while to pay off. Dave Ramsey is really motivating so I have been downloading his podcasts and listening to them whenever I need some encouragement.
  3. I need to get organized; the clutter is driving me crazy. Since we moved we haven’t been able to get everything in its place yet. We still have some painting to finish too. I really want to get the house and my desk at work organized. The work part won’t be too hard since my office is moving again. We are closing the business and moving our real estate “team” to another company nearby. It’s just to cut out the overhead costs for the owners.
  4. I would like to spend more quality date time with the hubby. Now that we have been married a couple years the baby conversation has popped up. We are going to wait a little while more but I want to enjoy the time we have as a couple while we wait since I know how hard it is to get out with a baby. Usually we just hang out at home together (and there’s nothing wrong with that) but I want to get out more.
  5. Lastly, I need to focus. I have a bad problem of getting distracted while I am working on something. If I really focus it gets done so much faster. I procrastinate a lot too so the combo really leaves me stressing about little things that definitely don’t need to be stressed about.
Wow, that turned out long but I needed to get it out, mostly for me. If I have it documented somewhere I can’t let myself off the hook. They’re pretty common goals but they are what I need in my life right now.

I haven’t been knitting as much as want lately but my wrist has been hurting a lot. I cleaned one of our rentals out last weekend for some extra cash and I think I may have hurt it then. It definitely feels better by now but it really limited my knitting for a couple of days. Plus the past couple of days have been COLD. The heater in my house needs to be fixed but it hasn’t been high on my list since we live in Florida. So we have no heat right now but we just bundle up. I couldn’t believe that I was too cold to knit. I would rather have my hands under the blanket so no knitting for the past two days.

When I did get knitting in I worked on the Baby hat some more. I keep telling myself I need to finish it soon. Hats usually take me no time to knit. I don’t think I will be starting any hats in fingering weight again. Geez…

So now that it is 2008 I realized that I have been knitting for a little over a year and crocheting a little longer than that but I definitely prefer knitting over crocheting. I never documented the first projects like I do now but I managed to get pictures of most of them. So out of all the knitting I have to say that I don't really have a favorite project. I have learned that I love to knit socks though. I always have to have a pair on the needles now.

Well that’s all I have for now. I will be spending the next week dog sitting again so I will have lots of time to knit. We’ll see how that goes…

I hope everyone had a fun and safe New Year!!