Thursday, November 1, 2007

Stupid People

County workers suck. I am sorry if you happen to work for Brevard County but everyone I’ve dealt with just sucks. We have to hook up to the sewer at my office by the end of October (I know that was yesterday) and we have to get permits to do that. I called the County and got the septic permit. They told me to go to the City of Cocoa for the Building permit. I set this up and even got the City to rush it for us so we can start today. I showed up at the County (which is not very close to my office) to pick up permit #1 and rushed over to the City to get permit #2. The City, at 4:30pm, decided that they will not give it to me because we are county jurisdiction. I told them I was just there and they told me to come here and they said tough. Does anyone know how to do their job?? So there I am at 4:30 the day before we start work with no permit. I hate dealing with them…

Now that I have dumped all that on you I can go on. Since the City is right near my LYS, I popped in to get some needles to go in my Pal’s 2nd package. Time is against me on that too, but it will get out by Saturday. She is getting some gorgeous yarn (that I almost kept for myself), stitch markers, needles, and a notebook. The Yarn is from White Willow’s shop and is called Sugar Berry.

I have been working a lot on the Striped Sock too. I am almost to the heel flap now. It may be a little tight; I have to learn to adjust my size because apparently I knit really tight. I like it though and I am determined to have them finished by Nov 17th. Well at least one…would I look weird wearing one hand knit sock to the Needleworks Show?

I finally got a new purse this week. It has been a couple years. A friend of mine was in New York last week and had a list of people, including me, to find purses for. Can you believe they have Coach for $30?? It is a really, really good knock off. I love it. It makes me feel all rich and stuff…while I buy cheap yarn because I am broke…Ha

I hope everyone had a good night trick or treating last night. We had fun, we sat at the neighbors house and handed out candy. We did not have many kids at all. I was surprised because I always see kids in our neighborhood. Weird…We did see some …interesting…costumes and some really cute ones. One kid that came up with his parents couldn’t have been older that 1 ½. He really didn’t get what to do. Pick up candy, put it in bucket…He looked like he was having fun though. I can’t wait until we have kids and we can dress them up all cute!! Yea right...I have a hard enough of a time with the dog! Kids are going to have to wait.



Angela Martínez said...

Agreed. City workers are morons. Totally and thoroughly a pain in the ass. Hope it all gets straightened out quickly.

The socks are coming along great. You'll have #1 done in no time. And I just had this funny vision of you walking around the needlworks show wearing one sock and the cuff of the other half-done one tucked into the top of your shoe. :)

We don't ever have trick or treaters here at our house. Can't blame them- it's dark and there are no sidewalks. But the in-laws neighborhood is great and J made out like a bandit.

Oh, and I want to be your pal. That yarn is gorgeous!!!

Patricia said...

Hey there, that looks just like a Regia yarn and are those KnitPicks needles? I am loving magic loop myself.
as for the kids, they don't always stay cute. Just ask me, the mother of a mouthy teenage son.!

Shawna said...

where is this LYS you "speak" of??:o)