Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Feeling Inspired

I’m looking through all my old Flickr pictures and I am feeling inspired. I don’t know if it is the knitting and yarn that’s inspiring me or if it is the frame of mind I was in when I took the pictures. I remember being so at peace and happy. I have felt so overwhelmed lately that the moments of happiness I have are so refreshing. The pictures remind me of that feeling again. I love my life, but I am still getting used to keeping up with everything I did before but with a toddler in tow. There is always something to do, organize, clean, pick up. It never ends, but I am trying to get a routine of some sort and have some me time after Maddie goes to bed. (loving early bedtimes!) I am knitting more than I have in a while and I am dreaming about the next project like I used to but I have not had much success lately.

I wound my Claudia’s Handpainted in Chocolate Cherry for another shot at Nutkins but ripped it out after one repeat, again. I loved Angie’s but when I try I get ladders in between the pattern repeats. I immediately cast on for Undulating rib, wanting something with an all over pattern with the variegated yarn and they came out too big and were ripped out. Again, I cast on for a second shot at Jaywalkers (these came out waay to small) and surprisingly they were too big also. I have always had problems with knitting too tight so this is new to me. I have set the yarn aside and will decide if I will try again with it anytime soon. Maybe it does not want to be knit and I should go for something else. I started to cast on for a shawl with the latest addition, Wolle’s Yarn Creations Color Changing Cotton. (link picture) I realized two things very quickly. The yarn is not plied at all and I’m not sure I like that, and that I have no idea how to go about knitting a shawl. I always thought I could just go about following the pattern directions, but I just couldn’t work it out in my head. I will have to try this again when I have more time and a different yarn.

For now I am back to working on the 2nd pair of Monkeys in DIC Smooshy. The first is done and the second is at the heel flap. I have had a monster headache the past two days but have been able to get a lot done in the evening after Maddie goes to bed. I hope to finish them soon and I love the yarn.

Cannot believe she is a year old already :) Plans for this weekend: Painting the House…

Friday, February 5, 2010

Blog...What Blog?

It has been over a year since I posted to the blog. I am still here and alive, if anyone still follows this. A lot has happened since the last post and I will spare you the long story. The details are that I had a baby in June 2009 named Madelyn, I lost 2 jobs, quit one job, but am working full time right now, the hubby also lost 2 jobs, quit one job and is working sort of part time, we started a home theater business about 8 months ago and we have been hanging in there. We are so thankful that we have each other and have a good Lord watching over us.

I have not been doing much crafting at all until recently. It took me about 6 months after Madelyn was born to knit anything. I am really surprised that I could go that long without my fingers twitching or losing my mind. I did do a lot of reading, especially in the beginning when it felt like I was nursing around the clock. Now that the new baby stuff is over and I am 3 months into a job that gets me home at a decent hour, we have gotten into a rhythm of sorts. I actually have some free time now. I still have Monkey Socks on the needles that I have worked on a little and I cast on for Evangeline gloves. My office is so cold! It feels good to be back into something I love to do so much. Hopefully I will be able to post more often now and get some pictures of my WIP’s up, as well as some yummy handspun that Angie spun for me recently. Thanks! And here is the new little one Madelyn Faith…Isn’t she cute! My Best work yet :)

Glad to be back and I hope you all have a great day!