Wednesday, April 23, 2008

What a Vacation!

Wow, this is the first time since my mom came and left that I have had a minute to sit and write a post. I will warn you, this is probably going to be long. We have been busy! My mom got in on the 10th at 10pm, great flight huh. They decided to go check out the Space Center on Friday and we showed them around Brevard county on the weekend. It was a lot of fun since my mom used to live here. She recognized a lot of he area. On Monday we drove out to Savannah, GA to look around. Savannah is beautiful!

We ate at Paula Deen's restaurant, The Lady & Sons, on Monday night. We almost didn't get in though, just by chance they put 2 bar tables together and said they had an opening. The food was good, but the entertainment was better. Our poor server, Frances aka Gwen, worked for her money! She played along with our jokes and even called my mom's boss because she is such a big fan. Since Paula was not in town, she agreed to hold the sock for a picture.

On Tuesday, after staying in a nasty hotel in Garden City ( had horrible customer service on these matters), we got on the bus for the Paula Deen tour. It was really interesting to learn how she got started. Did you know that she suffered from agoraphobia for 20 years? She even had her sons going around with a cooler selling the bag lunches for the Bag Lady. She really worked hard to get her business going with not much capital. The tour was great and I would highly recommend it, you get to see some great areas of Savannah. At the end of the tour we had lunch at Uncle Bubba's, Paula's brother. We had some awesome food there, and let me tell you, the oysters were great! He happened to be in the restaurant and was willing to meet all of us. First off, T asks him to do me a favor and he replies “I'm not taking my clothes off”. He must have thought we were crazy. I asked him to take some pictures with us and then asked him to hold the sock. We might have been ok after that but then my mom asked him to call her boss. After that he definitely must have thought we were crazy, but even after all that he was super nice to us.

We had a good time wandering around Savannah and left later that day. I have all the pictures here if you would like to see. The rest of the week was spent wandering around and eating, lots of eating. My favorite part had to be the air boat ride we went on. We were able to closer than I have ever been to some really big alligators. If it was not for the bars on the boat I would have freaked. We saw some turtles, a bald eagle (so beautiful!), and a really cool cypress swamp. We will be going on more air boat rides for sure. We even got to hold a baby alligator when we got back to the dock. Really fun...

I hardly got any knitting done since we were running around all week but we did spend some time at the beach so I knit a few rows there.

I did knit on the cami a bit too at knit night on Monday. I have now split for the arms. I should be done pretty soon here, but I know that I take forever to knit something. I saw how cute the little soakers turn out too so I think I make knit one after this. Something easy and quick.

I can't believe that it is almost the weekend. I think I need a vacation from my vacation! If you want to see all the vacation sets, they are on my Flickr page here.


Mommyleek said...

Sounds like you and mom and T had a crazy busy time together! What fun, too! I'm more than a bit jealous of the Savannah tour. Not just because of the Paula Deen thing, but because of how lush and green and gorgeous everything looks.

The airboat rides are fun, aren't they? We did one when my grandmother and some other family came for a visit. It wasn't nearly as good as yours, but they enjoyed it a lot.

BTW, I'm catching up to you-- I split for the arms yesterday at lunch. :)

Melissa said...

I am so glad that you had a good time with your mom. Your pictures are just beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

Phil said...

Glad to hear that you had a good time at the restaurant. I don't know the rules, but if you would like to mail the 'sock' in to our offices I'll make sure that Jamie and Bobby take a picture with it. That should give you the whole set except for Paula. You can email me for details at just take out the RemoveMe part