Thursday, May 1, 2008

May Flowers

How does that saying go... “April showers bring May flowers”? Well we didn't have much in the way of April showers but we did do some gardening. A friend of ours gave us a bunch of plants, whose names I have completely forgotten. I know that some of them are brumeliads, and we got two hibiscus bushes. I love the pink ones. I found that while I love the look of new plants, I don't really like the work of planting them. I would much rather sit in my chair with a sweet tea and some knitting and watch the hubby do it. He wasn't too thrilled with that idea so I pitched in. The yard doesn't look half bad, but it could use some grass.

While I have not been knitting a whole lot lately, I do manage to get in a little bit here and there. I have noticed that sometimes two days will go by without knitting a thing, but my hands do get a little shaky.

I have yet another update on the Cami and Anastasia Sock. I am not letting myself work on anything else until these two are done. They have taken long enough already.

The cami is past where you split for the arms and well into the lower back. If you click for a larger image you can see that my guage changes when I switch from knitting in the round to back and forth. I am not worried too much about it since any extra room will help in the chest area. I think that you won't be able to tell the difference once it is washed.

I haven't knit as much on the sock since it has turned into mostly car knitting. But still it grows ever so slowly.

The Never-Ending Sock:

As much as I despise this little sock now, will I like the finished pair? Or will I burn them...I think not. Burning them will only let them win.

So thats all I have for now. I had to make this quick since it's National Day of Prayer and we have a prayer service at my church. Do yourself a favor and say a little prayer today.

Have a good one!


Anonymous said...

that's a pretty good knitting start!

Tacoma flowers

Mommyleek said...

You're still beating me on the cami. I haven't touched mine in a week now. Started a pair of monkeys instead. I'm so bad! Love the gardening. I've found that I don't mind the work all that much, and the rewards are well worth it.

And burn the socks?! Get real! I wouldn't allow it. That's yarn abuse!

Yvette Smith said...

I read your comment on yarn pirate's blog about exploring the option of home birth and just wanted to say I also had a safe, succesful home birth and would be happy to correspond with either of you. My email address is if you have any questions. I delivered a 9 lb 8 oz boy after 24 hours of labor. If I had labored at a hospital, they would have definately taken him by c-section so I'm SOOO glad I birthed at home. Our bodies were made for's too bad doctors have so little faith.