Thursday, June 5, 2008

Socks, Bags, and Dragon Eggs

Wow, I have been in a fog lately… Last night at my bible study, I felt like I was about 10 minutes behind everyone else. I even went to bed right when I got home, at 9pm (which I never do unless I’m sick). I have been in such a fog, that I completely passed up my one-year blog anniversary. I had been blogging a whole year on May 10th. Even thought I haven’t had much to say lately, I have had enough to say to last the whole year.

So when I had the presence of mind to knit this week, I knit on the Monkey socks and something new, but I’ll get to that.

I love how this is coming out. The yarn is gorgeous and the pattern brings out the best in it. I am in the 3rd repeat, halfway through the leg. I think these will work pretty quickly.

The other thing I started is the Sweater Bag from Lion Brand. When Angie came back from Tennessee, she brought a ton of Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick and gave me 9 skeins. 9 skeins is a ton! (Thanks Angie!!) I had this pattern in my queue in Ravelry for a while so I cast on and I am about halfway through the first repeat. It seems like a good amount has been completed but I have to do 4 repeats and a strap. I like working on it though because it’s fast, easy and you can see the cable pattern already. I don’t know what I am going to do when this thing is huge and it’s 90 outside (which it already is). For now, it’s ok.

Well, it’s almost the weekend again and we have a full weekend, again. We have a birthday party for my boss tomorrow night, I have a nail appt on Saturday, and a work party Saturday night. It will be fun for sure. I am especially excited about the nail appt. I won a gift certificate to a spa in Melbourne, and since I finally stopped biting my nails, I am getting a manicure, but not just any manicure. This one includes a hand/arm massage, some special lotion, and a wax dip. Too bad I can’t knit during it. (So if Angie or Traci want to hang out Saturday morningish, I will be in the area!)

That’s all for now, unless you noticed the eggs in the sidebar. Those are my dragons. I am totally geeky and thought the dragon eggs that Carin (from Lime&Violet) had on her blog were the coolest thing. So go click on mine to help them hatch. Please! And you can get your own here.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!


Mommyleek said...

I'm totally up for a Saturday get together if you're going to be down this way. I'll have the curly fry in tow, though. Burger King?! Or there's a coffee house on 192 that I think would be fairly kid friendly if you want something a little less fast food-ish.

Loving the monkeys, and the bag!! Gorgeous! I'm hoping I have enough leftover after the cardi to make a matching bag. You'll have to let me know how much yarn you end up using for it.

Kris said...

I hope the fog lifts soon for you. Of course a manicure and massage will probably help that.

Both the cabled bag and sock look awesome.

Sinn-no-men said...

The socks and bag look awesome!!