Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Feeling Inspired

I’m looking through all my old Flickr pictures and I am feeling inspired. I don’t know if it is the knitting and yarn that’s inspiring me or if it is the frame of mind I was in when I took the pictures. I remember being so at peace and happy. I have felt so overwhelmed lately that the moments of happiness I have are so refreshing. The pictures remind me of that feeling again. I love my life, but I am still getting used to keeping up with everything I did before but with a toddler in tow. There is always something to do, organize, clean, pick up. It never ends, but I am trying to get a routine of some sort and have some me time after Maddie goes to bed. (loving early bedtimes!) I am knitting more than I have in a while and I am dreaming about the next project like I used to but I have not had much success lately.

I wound my Claudia’s Handpainted in Chocolate Cherry for another shot at Nutkins but ripped it out after one repeat, again. I loved Angie’s but when I try I get ladders in between the pattern repeats. I immediately cast on for Undulating rib, wanting something with an all over pattern with the variegated yarn and they came out too big and were ripped out. Again, I cast on for a second shot at Jaywalkers (these came out waay to small) and surprisingly they were too big also. I have always had problems with knitting too tight so this is new to me. I have set the yarn aside and will decide if I will try again with it anytime soon. Maybe it does not want to be knit and I should go for something else. I started to cast on for a shawl with the latest addition, Wolle’s Yarn Creations Color Changing Cotton. (link picture) I realized two things very quickly. The yarn is not plied at all and I’m not sure I like that, and that I have no idea how to go about knitting a shawl. I always thought I could just go about following the pattern directions, but I just couldn’t work it out in my head. I will have to try this again when I have more time and a different yarn.

For now I am back to working on the 2nd pair of Monkeys in DIC Smooshy. The first is done and the second is at the heel flap. I have had a monster headache the past two days but have been able to get a lot done in the evening after Maddie goes to bed. I hope to finish them soon and I love the yarn.

Cannot believe she is a year old already :) Plans for this weekend: Painting the House…

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