Monday, January 14, 2008

Not Feeling The Love

I’m telling you the world just doesn’t like me right now…I made my way back to IKEA on Saturday to pick up our kitchen table that was out of stock the last time we were there and it was still out of stock. I wish that I could order it by phone then go pick it up but no, I have to keep checking in store. It is a little bit of a drive for me so I’m not happy about it. At least the hubby was in a cleaning sort of mood on Sunday. We got the guest bedroom all organized and clean and we are almost done with the office. When that’s done all I need to do is finish painting and I think we will be finally moved in!

I sort of have a new WIP. I am casting on for Anastasia Socks with the Zen String Purple Eater. This is the 3rd pattern I am trying with this yarn. So far the patterns just haven’t been working out. This yarn just doesn’t like me. This is even the 3rd time starting the Anastasia Sock since last week. The first time I dropped a stitch in the middle of a yarn over and I couldn't sort out the mess and this last time I got about 10 rows into the pattern and realized that I was supposed to knit on all odd rows…Rip! At least I didn’t have to rip it all the way out, just back to the toe and start over. I am determined to get this yarn knit before I start any other new socks now! Oh and for the Slippery Socks? Nice pattern but - Rip! It doesn’t show up very well on this yarn, too fuzzy.

And on to another complaint about Knit Picks. Well it’s not really about them but it involves them. I saw that Total Tote on their site and I was so excited about using the it to be my knitting bag/purse so I ordered it. After ordering it I searched around Ravelry on the Knit Picks Lovers thread and came across a post about the Total Tote. Well, I come to find out that JoAnn’s sells the exact same bag for $15 cheaper…bummer. Then I kept reading and saw “If you want to see it before you order it, check Walgreens. It’s their makeup bag.” I did check out Walgreens and there it was, priced at half of what I paid, and they had it in black (KP only had brown). So I bought the black one and I am going to wait until the order arrives to see which I like better. I have a feeling that the cheaper one will win me over. At least Knit Picks takes returns.

Oh and I did make it out to the Knit Night at All Strung Out last week. It was a blast. I am probably going to go this week too. Everyone was so nice and funny too!



Patricia said...

Ack, just got back from IKEA this afternoon. Had I only known!

Melissa said...

I have been eyeing the Anastasia pattern as well. Hope your yarn works for you this time! If I read carefully, everything about this yarn is in 3's (3rd pattern, ripped 3 x's). They always say, "3rd times the charm." Hope it is for you as well!

Take care!

Mommyleek said...

Yeesh! That's a heck of a drive to get the table twice! You'd think they'd give you a raincheck, or call you when it comes in stock, or something.

Oh, and on the Knitpicks bag... I'd so go with the cheaper one at Walgreens! It's an adorable bag, but if you can find a knockoff that's almost identical for that much less, why wouldn't you? That's coming from a bag fiend that will almost always buy a bag if it's affordable. :)

Love the anastasia pattern. Hopefully it'll be the winner for you and that poor purple yarn. :) You've been toting that stuff around way too long. If it doesn't work out this time, maybe you should think about trading the yarn for something else. It obviously has some serious bad karma. But hooray for you on persistence. I would have probably tossed it to the back of the stash closet by now!

Hope you can make knit night a regular thing. Sigh... I wish I was closer.