Thursday, January 24, 2008

Almost Friday...

The hubby just called to say that he’s taking Diana to the vet. Apparently she didn’t eat her food today. Usually she eats her food when I put it down in the morning but today she didn’t so I stuck it in her crate with her and went on my way. Since she didn’t eat (and beagles never refuse food) he thinks she may have a tummy ache or something. I won’t know anything until they get back later. I hope it’s nothing major and she feels better soon.

I am still trudging along on the Anastasia Sock. The pattern is plain and predictable but still entertaining. I can knit it without paying attention and not make mistakes (usually). As of last night I am about an inch from starting the heel. I made it out to knit night last night so I got a bunch done there. I am surprised that I get so much knitting done between the talking. It is a bit of a drive for me but I am going to try and go more often than not.

Well, we are on the hunt for a car again. We are still following Dave Ramsey's plan and decided that in order for us to be debt free, we need to make a few sacrifices. We have decided to sell my 2001 Mustang (that we owe too much on) and buy a used car for cash. If I can find a late 90’s Honda I would be more than happy to drive that for a couple of years. A car’s a car and I’m tired of worrying about what I drive and what it says about me. A car is not a status symbol, it’s a debt symbol. If we sell the Mustang, we won’t have a car payment at all and can put the money we would have used for the payment toward other debts. We hope to have everything paid off but the house in less than 2 years. Then we could save up for a really good down payment (like ½ the price) for a newer car that we want. I am totally fine driving a used Accord until it dies though. The economy is really scaring me since I work in Real Estate so I want to cut down as many debts and payments as possible. So anyone want to buy a Mustang? Ha…

BTW, Can you believe it’s already Jan 24th? Where did the month go? I want to wish a very Happy Birthday to my nephew Joseph who is turning 9 today and also to Gail @ All Strung Out (who looks fabulous! Not a day over 39! :-)



Mommyleek said...

Ok, what is it with the critters lately? Hope Diana is better soon.

The sock is looking good, and the plan for the car is great. I gave up the status symbol a LONG time ago. I actually have a fondness for an old jalopy. My favorite car of all times was my '79 Nova with the rusted out floorboard and half of the dash peeling off. Loved that car like no other I've ever driven. But you can't go wrong with a used Accord. You just can't. Good luck with it, and the debt plan.

Maybe one of these nights I'll be able to make it to knit night, too. It's about 20 miles each way for me, and I don't get out of work on Wed. until 6:30, so it's a stretch, but I might have to, just to say that I've been. :)

Kris said...

I hope Diana is feeling better and eating soon.

Your knit night sounds like fun.

Good luck finding a car that you like and has a lower price tag then the mustang.