Thursday, February 21, 2008

Almost Friday!!

Why does it seem like I have no time for posting lately? I am at the tail end of another very busy week and I am glad that it ends tomorrow. I know exactly what I will be doing this weekend: Cleaning (the house has been neglected the past week) and working on my real estate class. The real estate class is for sure the most important. It needs to be done by March and I am not even half way done. Why do I always wait until the last minute?? Since the hubby is working on Sat and we only get internet through his cell phone I will be heading into the office to use my work computer on Saturday. Maybe without any of the distractions that I usually have at home I can get it finished, then maybe a reward of sushi for lunch after…mmm…I don’t usually get to go to the sushi place here because T doesn’t like it. I have to wait until I have a day by myself to sneak away.

As usual for a busy week, I haven’t been knitting much. A row here and a row there but it just seems like nothing is progressing. Last night I was knitting by firelight though. We started a little fire in the BBQ and watched the lunar eclipse until bedtime. Really cool, the whole moon disappeared, then turned orange. I tried to get a picture but figured out that my camera doe not take good pictures at night with no tripod. We have a tripod but I was not about to dig it out. I was knitting on the Cami last night, it has been a while since I have showed picture of it. I think I am on the 4th ball of yarn now.

I am almost done with the increases and will start the armhole shaping soon. It feels like it is close to being done but it looks like I have so much more to do from the picture. I am close to finishing the secret project too, maybe I will finish by this weekend.

Diana’s vet visit went well, expensive but worth it of course. She got current on all her shots and vaccinations and the vet had a look at her belly. Turns out that she has a staph infection so she gave her some meds. It looks like it is helping but I don’t think it is a fix to the problem. She still will have sensitive skin when the meds are gone. I think it will just end up coming back. She has another appointment in a couple of weeks for a check up so we’ll see. We have to bring Jessie to the next appointment to get her all up to date too. She will not be happy about that one, she was labeled “will bite” at her last vet. She would never…

I haven’t forgot about my contest either. I have a pretty good idea for it and I am just waiting on the prize to get here. I should have it all ready by the next post. I hope you all have a great weekend!!


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Patricia said...

I sat outside by my lonesome, glass of wine in hand, to watch the eclipse. It was lovely. I enjoyed the clouds rolling by and changing the light.