Thursday, February 28, 2008

Contest Time!

I just want to say a quick Thank You to the wonderful girls that I got to hang out with Monday night. It is so nice to be able to sit and talk about knitting (among other things) with other people that don’t think I am crazy for being obsessed. I had a blast and will definitely be back for more!

I am so excited since I recently found out that my mom would be visiting in mid April. You really don’t know how happy this makes me. I have seen my mom since we moved from California but she has yet to see me here in Florida. I am thrilled to death that she will be able to see our new house (in a somewhat close to being finished state) and meet our pets and get to hang out with me for a whole week. That’s where my contest comes in. Since she and my step dad will be here for a week with us, I would like to plan a few fun things to do. I know that I am blatantly fishing for comments, but oh well. I was surprised when I first saw that people were reading my blog so I really want to be surprised. The most comments that I have had on a post are 6. I really hope to get more than that. To enter:

Post a comment here, telling me something cool to do while on vacation. These can be Central Florida related or not. I just want some ideas for my mom and I to spend some time together. Btw, if you post about this on your blog, you'll get another entry. Just be sure to let me know in the comments.

Remember to leave your email address in the comments so I will have a way to contact you for the prize. If there is no email address and your blog profile does not list one, the prize will go to the next random winner.

You have until 5pm on March 5th to enter. I will be drawing a winner randomly that evening and announcing it on the 6th.

So what will the prize be??

A cute pink and denim purse that I got a couple of years ago. It was a gift but I have never used it because it is a bit small for an every day purse. Included with the purse you will get a skein of Ewe-phoria Yarns Sock It To Me Superwash Yarn in Pacifica, and the pattern for River Valley Socks from Anni Designs. I hope you like the prizes….GOOD LUCK!

In other news, we are meeting a dog today. The tenant in one of the listings we have is moving out of the country and looking for a home for her dog Bella. She is a 2-year-old pure bred Boxer. I thought that this was kind of a big dog for us, but I grew up with German Shepherds so I am kind of used to big dogs. T loves Boxers and wanted one when we were first looking. In fact, his two favorite breeds are Boxers and Beagles. How weird that we may end up with both. I guess the only things that aren’t good is that she’s young, and not spayed since she was a pure bred. I really would want to get her spayed as soon as possible. She is even trained really well and crated in the daytime like Diana is. So she will be coming for a play date tonight to see how she is with Diana and Jessie. I am kind of worried about her with Jessie since she has not lived with a cat before. Another dog…I must be crazy!


Mommyleek said...

Well, you can't come to central florida and NOT go to Ron Jon's. I mean, yeah, it's just a store and all, but it's a legend. Take them there, let them wander, and then take a walk on the beach.

Oh, and the air boat tours are noisy and completely redneck fun. Bet they don't do that in California! There are my contributions to the what to do while here on vacation.

Isn't your mom into sewing/quilting. I think I remember you saying that at one time or another. If so, maybe map out a yarn/fabric tour of the county. I know it would be pitifully short, but it would open you up to stopping anywhere you wanted along the way.

Good luck with Bella. I hope it works out for you.

Kris said...

I'm hoping you mean March 5th... ;)

I have to say that a walk on the beach sounds fantastic, but if they are from Cali, then it isn't the novelty that it is for us midwesterners.

I'd say a visit to the Everglades or a day cruise in the Keys would be very neat. Or if you are going for tourist trap, then the mermaids at Kissamee (I think that's it)

Kris said...

Beach is always at the top of the list, brevard zoo (you can feed the girafees). Maybe one of those kennedy space center tours. I'd stay away from the theme parks at that time. It's very crowded with spring breakers. Although if the flower festival at Epcot was going on I'd brave the crowds.

I hope the play date goes well.

Chris said...

You are linked to my blog. My e-mail is Any dinner theaters around--they are always fun.

JustApril said...

From what I can see that's available, if I were there I'd want to see the Cypress Gardens, those trees are so cool. The trails look interesting too, but I don't know if y'all would go biking or jogging =) That may be too much like work.

I'll link to your contest on Saturday. Actually, I think I'll link one of my blogs Coffee Crazy Knitter tonight and do the other one tomorrow, Clandestine and Candour.

Jane said...

There has to be a ton of things to do in Florida, but since I live in Maine, I don't know what they are! about a mother/daughter spa day. Get your hair done, manicures, pedicures, maybe even massages. And SHOPPING - treat yourselves to new outfits.

ikkinlala said...

I don't know much about Central Florida, and I don't know what kinds of things your mom likes to do, but if I went to Florida I think it would be fun to visit a park or wildlife refuge.

Also, whenever I visit one particular aunt I look forward to playing Scrabble. Is there anything like that that your mom likes to do but doesn;t get an opportunity to at home?

Patricia said...

Well, I just came from the Cocoa craft fair and saw those purses. So cute and a great prize for the lucky winner.
On my "Not to be Missed" list is a trip to Leu Gardens. Its the Camellia Festival and gardens are awash in camellias. The next item on the agenda would be the Chain of Lakes Tour in Winter Park. Great fun. While you're there take in lunch on Park Ave. and visit the Morse Museum for a look at the finest in Tiffany glass. Another great day is a trip to Orange City and to Blue Springs. Pack some blankets, your knitting , and camera. Chance are you'll see manatee! Don't forget a day in St. Augustine, the oldest city.
Yeah...what fun. I just got myself all excited. Yeah, spring!

Maria said...

Disney World! I know it's terribly busy right now! It's probably no big deal when you live in Florida, but Minnesotans think Florida is awesome. Also, go eat at Roy's. I think there are several in Florida. Their food is fabulous!

Gnat said...

I hope meeting the dog went well!! There is a lot to do in Florida but since she's from Cali it's going to be hard to compare. Our hiking and beach is different. My suggestions would be to take her to Jinny Springs or somewhere that would be a completely different place that she can visit in California. Hope you have a great time with your mom!!

Heddy said...

My first thoughts of fun things to do took me back to my only trip to Florida (when I was 12 - gack! 28 years ago), so things may have changed ... the things I remember most vividly and fondly were the trip to the Daytona speedway (they were doing time trials at the time, and I can still feel the vibrations!), the trip to Cape Canaveral (cape Kennedy?) Space Centre -- freaking awesome!! and BuschGardens (the zoo was pretty cool, as was the Python roller coaster! and back in the day, the beer was free, so my Dad really enjoyed that visit!).

Then I thought -- its your mom, anything you do is going to be fun. Spend a day tinkering in your yard, introduce her to your neighbors, take her to your knit nite ... let her see how you live your life. That's what she'll rembere when she goes home, and that's what she'll think of when she's home, thinking about you. Don't worry too much about making things "fun" for her ... she'll probly have something she wants to do, but mainly, she wants to see you. Have a few nice meals out, make some cool meals in, and let her into your life!

I will link to your contest tomorrow when I post again!

Heddy said...

sorry .. forgot my email -- it is i dot am dot yer dot buddy at hotmail dot com

Alyson said...

oh man, so yeah, it's your mom and she may not be into this at all - but travis took me hang-gliding for my birthday a few years back and it was AMAAAAzing. there are a couple of places in central fla. but i went to quest air in groveland (bonus - it's only a few miles from my place!)