Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Still Alive and Well

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve posted. And where did January go? I am amazed that February is already half over… I have been so overwhelmed lately. We moved our office again last week and hopefully we will stay this time. We closed my company and moved our real estate team to another local company. Even though we only moved a couple of streets away, it seemed more complicated than our last move. On top of all that we have been car shopping. We thought we found the one, a really good deal on a VW Passat, but it just needed too much work to be worth it. So we are back to square one and keeping our eyes open for good deals. Since we are not in a rush to sell we can take our time.

So have I been knitting during all this? A little but nothing too exciting. Most days I have either been home too late to pull out the knitting or just too tired. I couldn’t believe that days went by without me touching the needles. But things are slowing down now so my routing is getting back to normal. I have worked on the Anastasia Sock mostly since it is my purse project.

That is a picture from last week (when I planned on blogging) but I haven’t had time to take new ones. I am a little farther up the leg now. I think I like knitting top down socks better. I seem to have trouble with my socks twisting while I knit them even if I keep my stitches straight. This one only twisted a little but that’s probably because it has the spiraling eyelets. Plus when I knit top down they seem to go by faster. I am working on the never-ending leg now…I also worked on the secret project, which should have been a quick knit but will take me longer as usual.

We had some friends over for dinner over the weekend and my friend asked me how my knitting was going. Weird since she has never showed interest in it before. I said it was fine and she said that she was trying to learn how to knit. I couldn’t believe what I heard, she probably should not have opened that door with me. I pulled her inside and asked her what she was knitting. She was knitting a washcloth with cotton yarn and metal needles. No wonder she was not feeling it. Needless to say I sent her home with some wool and bamboo needles. I think the wood will feel better on her hands and the wool will definitely give more than cotton. Besides, she said that she wants to knit a blanket to help her learn. If she likes the feel of the yarn and needles we are going to find her some nice wool for a blanket. It’s fun to corrupt people!

Well that’s all I have for now. I am jumping back into my knitting and hope to see some progress soon! Although I haven’t been feeling too great the past couple of days. Maybe I will get more done if I take a sick day or two :-)



Mommyleek said...

Heck yeah! Isn't that every knitter's dream... to call in sick and spend a couple of stolen days just lazing around knitting in pajamas? I say do it. :)

The sock is looking great. You know, I almost always do socks top down, but I'd think that doing them toe up would make them seem to go faster. I mean, once you get done with the foot you can just about stop anytime you want. Taking forever? Ta-Da! They're ankle socks! It's not like you can stop half-way through the foot and say 'I'm bored with these, I think I'll just make them toeless.'

Sorry you've had to move again. It must feel like you'll never get the office settled. Hope this is your last move for a while. And good luck on the car shopping, too.

Kris said...

Does this mean that the purple yarn has finally found it's sole mate? hehehe - I couldn't help myself.

Today, I gave my son a kiss on the forehead before school and he felt a bit warm. My heart leapt for joy with the anticipation of a sick day. But, in the end, I sent him off to school... Dang it. I could have used a day off.