Monday, March 31, 2008

I'm Still Here!

Wow, it’s been a while since my last post, but that is totally not on purpose though. It just seems that between work, car shopping, keeping the house in order and keeping the hubby fed, any time free time I get is spent vegging. I actually went 3 days without touching the needles because I was so tired. One of those days I fell asleep after right after dinner and woke up about the time I go to bed. That was a productive evening. And now that my mom will be here in 2 weeks (where did the time go?) and we are having a housewarming party that week, I have been busy around the house. Plus I just haven’t felt much like blogging. I always think of cool things to blog about but what I sit at the computer my mind goes blank. Has that happened to anyone else?

I have been feeling better though, I knit quite a bit on the cami over the weekend. I was stuck at a house in Orlando “helping” the hubby with a side job. I really am not much help with hanging TV’s and all that but sometimes he does need a hand and we were going to look at a car out there anyways. So while I sat and waited all day I knit. It was a beautiful day and the house was on a golf course with a beautiful view. I just finished the 4th ball of yarn and attached the 5th and while I didn’t grab a picture this morning (woke up late) I will get one this afternoon. I just finished the increases and am knitting on to the armpits.

Progress stopped completely on the Nutkin sock.

I tried it on and did not at all like the look of the pattern slightly stretched. I will either rip and re-knit in plain stockinette or possibly start Monkeys with the picot-hemmed cast on that I did. I do like how the Anastasia socks look though. Being so close to having a pair has kept me knitting them, even though I am very tired of the yarn and pattern.

I will leave you with a picture of Jessie, who thinks she is an outdoor kitty. She whines at the door wanting out, but since she is declawed, she only gets supervised visits in the backyard. She actually climbed up to the board in the tree on her own. T was trying to get her to climb higher after a stick, she is so smarter than that, I hope.

Diana is also doing better. We were worried about her rash on her belly since after starting steroids and antibiotics it spread and got really red and sore looking. It healed and looks better than ever now. Maybe at her next check up in a couple of weeks we can walk out with a bill of less than $200…sheesh. By the way, my cousin had her baby last week. She was 2 weeks late but mom and baby are doing fine. Baby Elizabeth Grace was 9lbs 8oz. I seriously doubt that the newborn sized hat will fit that baby, but it's the thought that counts right?

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Mommyleek said...

I'm more than a little sad to hear that the Nutkin socks aren't working out. I adore both the pattern and that yarn! Bummer. But kudos to you for knowing when to stop when something isn't working. All too often I end up with the outcast project that is complete, but will never be used for one reason or another, simply because I HAD to keep going, even when I knew disaster was imminent.

Glad to hear that Diana is doing better. This is the wrong state to be a dog, when it comes to allergies! And I feel for you on the costs of keeping her well.

I love Jessie playing in the tree. If you decide you want a clawed version to go along with her and show her how it's done, just let me know. *wink*

I'm on my second ball on the cami, so I'm sort of catching up. Of course, sitting here at the computer isn't getting me any closer, is it?

See you in a few days! (hopefully)