Wednesday, March 5, 2008

No More Stressing

**Last day to enter the contest!! I will be drawing a winner tonight at 5pm**

The contest is going great. Thanks so much for the comments; they have had some great ideas. I think I need to start a list for us even after my mom is gone. I didn’t realize there is so much to see close to home.

I know I have been a little lagging with the posts, I just saw that I had 5 for February…Geez. Mostly it was because of work and my real estate class. My license expires for the first time this month and for the first renewal I had to complete a 45-hour class online. Well, I of course had to wait until the last minute to start and I barely finished the class part on the 29th. I thought that I would be able to take the test more than once to get all the questions right (like the rest of the chapter tests) and I was wrong. I could only take it ONCE. After just skimming through the whole thing I knew I was not ready to take the test so I headed into my office Saturday morning and spend about 5 hours cramming and taking the test. I passed by three questions, three! That is so not like me. Usually I study for big tests and pass them with no problem. Boy am I glad that it is finally finished. I can’t believe how much I can stress myself out.

So after the test I went and picked up Bella for a trial run at my house. As soon as we let her into the back yard to sniff, Diana was going crazy inside. So we put them both on a leash and let them sniff each other. Of course Diana was scared of Bella because she is bigger so she barked at her and Bella barked back only scaring her more. After a while they started to get used to each other and I have no doubt that they would have been fine together, but it was Jessie that was the problem. Bella saw Jessie from the porch and wanted to chase her. Her barking had Jessie looking like she stuck her tongue in a toaster. Bella had never been around cats before and we were worried about how they would get along. Because of that, and that she had fleas, and some kind of skin issue on her back, we decided not to keep her. Plus, we would have had to get her spayed. I know that she will find a good home soon!

So this is what I wake up to just about every morning:

She is so spoiled!! She has to sleep under the covers and will dig under them if you don’t let her in and she likes to sleep late. When I get up she wakes up but she will go back to sleep until I am ready to leave for work. Then she comes out stretching and waits by the door to go outside. It’s getting to the point that I know what she wants. On cold evenings I will have a blanket over my legs so she will stare at me until I lift the blanket and let her lay with me. Lazy Dog!

I have been trying to finish up the projects that have been just sitting in the drawer lately. I almost finished the scrappy hat this weekend. All I have to do is pick up and knit 5 rows for the rolled brim.

I don’t really like how the gathered part at the top looks but it looks ok when it’s on. I am not thrilled with the end result but I am just happy it’s done. This on took a whole year!

The never-ending Anastasia Sock is close to being done. I am so tired of looking at this yarn, I really don’t think I will be casting on for the second sock right away.

At times I like how it looks, and other times I don’t want to touch it. I think I need to cast on for another sock with some spring colors in it. I can’t wait for Spring so my plumeria's will start blooming. I also finished the secret project, so I will show pictures as soon as I send off the package.

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