Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Broken Cars and Sick Dogs

Man I think we jumped right through Spring and into summer. We are going to be in the 90's until next week. I am glad I work in an office all day. Since the women there are somewhat older than me, they keep it super cold in there. I even bring a sweater most days.

I can't believe that the Integra is finally gone from the carport, well sort of. T finished gutting it and saved what he could to sell so he chopped up the rest. This is what the yard looked like on Saturday, but it was amazingly all cleaned up by the time he was done. Now the car is a couple of large pieces of scrap metal in a pile. He even sold the engine, but he still has to ship it. Not bad, I thought that thing would never leave. I never knew you could actually chop a car in such little pieces.

Saturday morning we took Diana to the vet again. She had more skin allergy type rashes so now we are trying her on a hypoallergenic food to see if that's what she is allergic to. Hopefully that will fix it because she looks like she is in pain when she gets those rashes. She is on all kinds of meds now too. We have ear drops and cleaner, ointment for the rash, steroids, and antibiotics. And look, She's officially part of the family. We had to go pick up her prescription from Publix and they couldn't find it until I thought maybe they put it under Diana's name. I never would have thought they would put it under her name at the people pharmacy.

I thought I was much farther on the Anastasia Sock than I am now that I tried it on. I thought I was about ready to start the heel but I need to add another 1 to 1 ½ inches. Sigh...At least the cami seems to be moving along.

I think I am going to try and get a knit night together this weekend, either on Friday night or Saturday morning. T will be gone all day Saturday golfing so I think I need to get out too :-)


Mommyleek said...

Summer is definitely here! I stepped off the plane last night and about suffocated after the nice weather we had in TN.

I'm seriously impressed at the work on the Integra. I can't even imagine what it must take to tear a car apart like that. Sheesh! That hubby of yours has some talent.

I didn't get very much knitting done at all on vacation. Isn't that always the way? I did, however, manage to get about 25 skeins of yarn home with me. The rest will have to travel by FedEx, and hopefully will arrive soon.

I might be able to make a knitting date on Saturday. I'll have to work on the hubby about it. I think he's had about all the J-man he can take after a week with him, plus watching him all day today while I worked, but I can probably squeeze in a few hours. Let me know.

Patricia said...

Hey there, can you grab your knitting friend and meet us at the Sunrise Bread Co. tomorrow AM? Bonnie and I will be upstairs knitting our socks!