Monday, May 26, 2008

Long Weekend

Wow, it’s been a while. Since I last posted a lot has happened. Nothing particularly interesting, but stuff. Last weekend was T’s work party. The owners throw a huge yearly party for about 250+ people with food, drinks (yum, mai tai’s), Hula dancers, and celebs. Well not really celebs, but close enough. There was even a mermaid in the pool. Good times.

We had a great time, but not a good as some. We ended up driving T’s co-worker (and his puking wife) home since we lived nearby. Moving on…I got to hang out with Angie again on Saturday. Right after we picked up the money for the Mustang. Oh yea, we sold it FINALLY! I am so glad to have that gone! So Angie and I got to hang out at Panera for a couple hours while her boys went to see Speedracer. I’ll pass on that movie, thanks. We had a good time, and even got to run into Joann’s and Michaels after. I really wanted to pet the new Lion Brand Sock-Ease, but they didn’t have any yet. I did pick up some Patons SWS but I was a moron and didn’t look at the ball bands. I got two totally different dye lots.

So after we laid it all out I, figured put that there are a lot of events coming up. I wanted to try and make it to Stitch N’ Pitch this year in Tampa on June 21st. We also wanted to try and throw an event together for Knit in Public Day on June 14th (I know we’re slackers). Then there is blueberry picking in North Brevard, and of course SAFF is coming up, but we’ll see about that.

Now for an update on the Never-Ending Anastasia Sock:

I have turned the heel and am zipping through the leg, sort of. It is a little farther than this now since I took this on Saturday afternoon, but I have had other things on my mind too. Like This:

Yup, I frogged the Nutkins and switched them to Monkey’s. I liked the Nutkin Pattern, but on the foot it looked weird to me. It was all stretched and the purls between the pattern stitches looked like ladders. I really like how the monkey looks though. I loved the yarn and wanted to use it right away. Plus I really didn’t want to rip out the picot cast on.

So what are we doing for the long weekend? I am knitting a lot and cleaning a little less. T decided to mow the yard and when I stepped out to change the laundry this is what I saw:

This used to be the cat’s favorite tree to climb in. I know it was kinda dead, but I liked that tree. Shouldn’t landscaping be a mutual decision?? Ugh…


Mommyleek said...

Awww! That was J's favorite tree, too! Sorry to see it go, but it probably was for the best. Now you have an excuse to go spend some money at the nursery picking out a replacement! See, there's always a positive side.

What dyelot do you need? I can run by and pick it up for you on my lunch break sometime this week- with that handy 50% off coupon I have. :)

I still love that yarn- the nutkin/monkey stuff. It's delicious! Heh! Your monkeys are cuter than mine.

Yep, lots of things coming up. Let's start planning and saving so we can do it all.

Kris said...

Looks like a nice party. Congratulaions on sellng the mustang. I'm another one who is interested in picking blueberries, maybe next weekend. Both your socks are looking great!

Patricia said...

Yuk, puking wife. Glad those days are behind me. My Nutkins are in the drawer. I'll have to give them away. I had a friend rifle through my sock drawer and take my Monkey's Cookies patterns are always great!