Wednesday, August 13, 2008

An Interview

I saw this around the blogs and thought it was cute. I sat down to ask the hubby the questions while he was sitting at the computer after work. I should have known that the he would never answer me seriously. There was a lot of eye rolling, and “come on hun, just answer”.

Me: What is your favorite thing about my knitting?
Hubby: That you don’t make me anything.

Me: What is your least favorite thing about my knitting?
Hubby: That you don’t knit me socks.
Me: Hun, you’re feet are huge. Would you even wear them? Ok, ok, maybe soon.

Me: What is something I have knitted that you recall as being good?
Hubby: A Swatch
Me: Come on, I don’t even swatch most of the time. Seriously…
Hubby: Ok, the turtle.
Me: Do you even know his name? (stares blankly at me) It’s Sheldon.

Me: Do you think knitters have an expensive hobby?
Hubby: No. My hobbies cost more.
Me: Have I mentioned that I want a spinning wheel?

Me: Do you have any hobbies?
Hubby: Duh, I just said mine cost more.
Me: Give me a break, I’m just asking the questions.

Me: What are your hobbies?
Hubby: (rolls eyes) You know this…Cars, audio…

Me: If we compared money spent on hobbies, who would win?
Hubby: You
Me: You have bought cars before. And your stuff is really expensive. We will get to your hobbies soon.

Me: Has my knitting in public ever embarrassed you?
Hubby: No, I think it’s funny.

Me: Do you know my favorite kind of yarn?
Hubby: Worst weight?
Me: (laughs) You pay more attention than I thought, but no.

Me: Can you name another blog?
Hubby: Hmm…
Me: You can’t Google it, that’s cheating.
Hubby: Then no.

Me: Do you mind that I want to check out yarn stores everywhere we go?
Hubby: No.

Me: Do you understand the importance of a swatch?
Hubby: Yes, to count stitches within an inch, and to gauge the size of the needle.
Me: Wow, close enough.

Me: Do you read my blog?
Hubby: Nope
Me: Do you even know the name of it?
Hubby: No. You don’t know the names of my car forums.
Me: Fair enough.

Me: Have you ever left a comment?
Hubby: How could I if I don’t read it?

Me: Do you think the house would be cleaner if I didn't knit?
Hubby: Yes, and dinner would be on the table.
Me: I cook dinner! And do you really think I would actually clean if I didn’t knit? Yea right.

Me: Is there anything you would like to add in closing?
Hubby: No.

And for those of you that read to the end, I have a sneak peek at the boobholder in progress:

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Kris said...

You got more input then what I would have gotten from my dh :). Mine doesn't read my blog either.

I love the color of the yarn you are using for the boobholder.