Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Oh Crap...

So I guess this storm is really coming for me. I have not been too worried about it since it was hitting land on the west coast and was likely to cross north of us but they changed the path today to cross right over my area. Now it isn’t a huge hurricane or anything but it can still do some damage. I really am only worried about the tornadoes that keep popping up along the coast and the risk of flooding. It has been raining non-stop since about 7:30 this morning. It still has a few hours before it gets to my area, but we have already had 5” of rain. I am glad we no longer live in Merritt Island, but we are still within a mile from the river. I got to stay home today (when the schools close, my office does too) but the hubby is out working. I am worried about him driving in the heavy rain and wind so I will pray he gets home safe.

In other news, we got to spend the weekend with T’s grandparents on the west coast. As usual I came home feeling like I inhaled a pack of cigarettes and had to febreeze everything that we took but we had a good time. By the way, spraying febreeze on yarn does get the smell out and doesn’t seem to harm the fabric. I wasn’t going to spend the whole weekend without anything to knit. I worked on the Pomatomus Sock over the weekend and am about to turn the heel today. I didn’t knit as much as I wanted to but I had a good reason. We decided to take Diana with us this time. Surprisingly she did great. Within minutes she was playing with the two poodle mixes and Chihuahua mix. The Chihuahua, Lucy, was only 9lbs the last time I saw her, but this time she weighed 13lbs! She looked like a little spotted sausage! I was so proud of her behaving so well. She didn’t even shred anything! We will definitely be taking her with us next time.

I have a couple of new skeins to show off today. The purple yarn is merino/cashmere/nylon sportweight blend that Alyson sent me. The color is Eleanor Rigby and it is gorgeous! It is such a pretty deep semi-solid purple. It even came with an amethyst and pearl zero marker, and boy it is soft. I could cuddle with this all day! The other skein is Crazy Monkey’s Monkey Toes Sock Yarn. The color is Clay Pit and it is superwash merino. I can’t believe that it was only $13 for 490yds! It is gorgeous! It was definitely an impulse buy but it was worth it!

Oh good, the hubby just called and said they sent everyone home early. Now I can stop worrying. When did I become such a worrier?


Mommyleek said...

Yup, I had an 'oh crap' moment last night, too. Hope y'all are keeping safe today. So far we've got flooding, but nothing else. That's some lovely yarn you got! And I'm loving the socks. That's the perfect yarn for them!

Glad everyone got along and was on their best behavior on your trip. I wish I could take my monsters with me when we went places. That's just too much dog to impose on anyone, though!

Melissa said...

Hope and prayers you guys stay safe!

Melissa B.
P.S. Those socks look great!

Kris said...

I hope you are keeping dry. My kids are very happy three days of no school.

I love seeing the progress pictures of the Pomatomus socks.