Friday, September 14, 2007

The American Dream

Well We did it...

We are officially Homeowners. We are thrilled. There are lots of pictures of the new house here.

I will have more knitting and Fiber-In pictures soon.

Have a great weekend!



Anonymous said...

YEAH! Congrats! The house looks great and you are going to have so much fun! (But too much purple?):) Happy moving/homeowning!

Secret Pal

Angela Martínez said...

Congrats!!! There's not another feeling like it in the world. The house is adorable and perfect for you.

Kris said...

Yeah!! Congrats on the house.

Your purple people eater socks are looking good. I love the name, very appropriate for the color :).

Patricia said...

That is wonderful. I am so pleased that you are able to buy your first house. So exiting.
Email about the FibreIn. Are you ging Sunday. I have a jam packed schedule today, but could slip out Sunday AM for some female bonding! Let me know!