Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Take A Deep Breath...

Now that I think about it, moving into the new house the same week that office is moving probably was not a great idea. I thought it would be ok but I am about to pull my hair out! Since my office is only about 10 people and I am the owner’s assistant, I got to make a lot of the calls to switch everything over. After spending well over an hour on the phone with our phone company last night and most of the morning today I just want to go home. At least we will be finished with the move on Friday.

Even though we have been really busy I have been knitting a little. I have been switching projects every week or so. It makes the progress go by slower than if I was only working on one exclusively, but it makes it more interesting for me. I picked up the Horcrux socks again. I don’t know what was wrong with me but I just could not get that pattern. Now that I am into it I realize how simple it was. I am about halfway through with the leg now. They are going by pretty quickly because I am using worsted weight yarn. I really like how the pattern is turning out.

I know that this is a blurry picture but you can see how that pattern looks. I might have to knit these again.

Hopefully we won’t be too stressed out from all the moving. We are only part way packed and I rented a truck for Sunday. If we can at least get the big stuff in I will be happy.



Angela Martínez said...

Ugh! I couldn't imagine doing all that you're doing right now and still maintaining sanity.

I'm having a fit over the fact that we'll be computerless Friday and Saturday (two of our busiest days), and here you are having your whole world upheaved at once. Egads!

Love that you picked the socks back up again. Funny how something so simple can have us completely stumped, and then all of a sudden it all makes sense.

Kris said...

Very cute socks

Kris said...

Wow, the sock looks great!

I think moving is on the top 10 list for stress makers. Actually it's probably in the top 5. Hopefully you'll have some hair left when all is done ;).

Also, I love your handspun yarn.

Aunt Martha said...

So... Friday was the day?! Are you all moved in then? you cannot imagine how proud we are of you and Thomas!! Let us know your address as soon as you can. Love to the both of you.

Patricia said...

Hang in there, the pattern does get wonky at the third zag. Let me know if you need help!