Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Funny Story

I have had a couple of comments about us buying a house. Seems that it was a surprise that we already found a house. It’s funny really. We found the house before we knew we were buying.

I know the owner of the house and when I heard that they were lowering the price to “dirt cheap” we went to see it. We fell in love with it. It is just right for us. A cozy 3 bedroom/2 bath house with great yards.

After seeing the house we talked with the mortgage company in my office and found out that we could afford the house so we decided to buy. That took all of 5 days (including one very long weekend of waiting) From there it was back and forth to get all the info together and finalize our little list of renovations before we move in. We close in Mid Sept and will be in the house before October. Yippee! If you want to see more pictures there is a set here.

And since we know the owners we are free to go in the house to dream as often as we please. I was extremely excited to find out that the huge tree in the backyard is in fact an avocado tree. Yum! We love avocados and there are a bunch on the tree!!

They are huge! Bigger than my hand!! My mom is so jealous of my new tree :-) We also got to meet the neighbor. He’s nice, and he told us about the yummy orange tree that someone planted in the easement behind our houses. Cool! We were able to get my lovely Plumeria’s moved this weekend too. They look a little wilted but I think they will be ok.

I did work on my sock but in the rush this morning I forgot it at home. So no picture yet. I started the gusset increases and hopefully will turn the heel soon! I also knit on the dream swatch too. I like the pattern but it seems like it will never end!

I hope that everyone had a fun and relaxing weekend!



mommyleek said...

Oh my goodness! Will work for avocado!!! Again, congrats on the purchase. There's nothing more satisfying than your own home, and the one you've chosen is lovely.

Kris said...

Wow, those are some nice looking avacadoes and an orange tree near by. By the time October comes around you will probably be sitting somewhere around your new home knitting and eating guacamole with a cup of orange juice near by :).