Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Birthday Prizes

Well, I went and chopped off all my hair but it turned out great. It seems so short to me but it really isn’t that short. It is just past my shoulders now and I am loving the length. It is a big difference from before though.

I donated a little over 10 inches. Looking at the ponytail in my hand after cutting it was hard. Especially we had to do the color before the rest of the cut was finished. I got red highlights that really look natural. They sort of match the natural highlights I have. I played with the colors a bit to make the highlights stand out in this picture though.

Overall, I love it. We got to celebrate this weekend too. On Saturday I went out with the hubby and a friend of mine for a couple of drinks and dinner. We had a great time. I love that he really doesn’t like shellfish because he got the surf n turf and gave me the lobster tail. Yum! I will always accept that. He has no idea…

I finally got to work on the Horcrux Socks. I thought I wouldn’t get to knit all month. It has just been one thing after another right now. It’s hard to get anything done on a daily basis. I will have some days off coming up to catch up and relax. And I get to take a day off for my birthday (which was yesterday). I haven’t decided when that will be but it will be soon. I am about to start turning the heel now though. Hopefully then it will finish up pretty quickly.

Yesterday the hubby surprised me with a birthday present. I didn’t think he was going to get me anything since we went out for a nice dinner and I got a house too :-) He got me a Zune! It is so cool. I am already spending all my time customizing it. Now I can have all my music and podcasts on it. It can also keep pictures to show off my projects to anyone who may want to see them. Thanks Hun!!

That’s all for now. It’s been so busy lately that it’s hard to sit down and blog about it all. I sit here and think, “Where do I begin?” I’ll keep trying to get knitting done and keep trying to entertain you guys in the process. Heh, no need to tell me how entertaining I am, I know. (yeah right)



Anonymous said...

Hi Michele! Your hair looks beautiful! I hope you had a great birthday!

Your secret Pal!

Gnat said...

Your hair looks great. I've always wanted to donate but my hair gets so heavy when I grow it long I'd be on constant pain pills to grow out that long. You have great hair!!

Hope all is well... Happy Birthday

Alyson said...

Your hair looks gorgeous!!

mmmmm lobster....

Er, I mean - yay, hair! The highlights are really nice on you, good choice!!

Angela Martínez said...

Oh wow! I was so bummed that you were cutting your hair because it was so beautiful and long, but it's gorgeous! Holy cow! It's amazing what a good haircut can do for you, isn't it? Did you feel like going out and showing it off to the world afterwards?

Great birthday dinner and goodies, too.

Kris said...

Wow, your hair looks awesome. I've never heard of a zune before. It looks like a great gift.

Patricia said...

Hey Birthday Girl, love the layers and the highlights. You look like a new woman. Enjoy your Zune! Download lots of knitting podcasts.