Thursday, October 11, 2007

She Did It Again

My pal outdid herself, again! I got my 2nd package from my Secret Pal and it is awesome!! This has been an exciting few weeks for me. It seems like every time I post I have a new package to share. This package left me speechless, for about 2 seconds, and then I (talking a million miles a minute) told the hubby all about Yarn Pirate and why it is soo cool. He was not impressed. That’s right, I said Yarn Pirate. Did I mention my pal is the best?

My package not only had a skein of Yarn Pirate in the Calamity colorway, but also had Wendy’s Loopy Laces pattern, some beautiful stitch markers from Blumes Accessories, Some yummy smelling candles and a goody bag from her kids. Seeing as it was my birthday they got me a goody bag for my party. Sweet =)

I can’t wait to try out some of the cool yarn I have acquired lately but you probably won’t see them for a while. You see I am pretty new to sock knitting. I am only on my 2nd and 3rd pairs now and only one have really fit me. I am still getting the hang of sizing so I don’t want to use the really cool yarns until I am better at it. I still may frog the Jaywalker sock because it won’t fit over my big foot. I will get better at it soon and then I will try the cool yarns.

I am turning the heel on the Horcrux sock now and I should be on the foot by tonight. I put the instep stitches on waste yarn like the pattern said but I really don’t think that was necessary. That just means that I will have the extra step of picking all those stitches back up later. Probably shouldn’t have done that…It’s ok, as I have stated, I’m still learning. Next will be circulars for my socks. As soon as these are done I am casting on another pair. I didn’t forget about the Purple Eater sock though, I am just not thrilled with it.

Time to go now and finish my heel and watch Grey’s tonight.



Anonymous said...

Oh, I am so glad you like it! When I saw that you wanted to try some Yarn Pirate, and I saw the colors, I immediately knew that was the one! As for the other things, they all fell into place. And I understand wanting to wait and try some other yarns to get the hang of things! I did the same! I'm sorry I didn't get you pacakge to you until now. I had really hoped you would have it before your birthday. But you got to celebrate all over again! Glad you enjoyed your surprises!

Your secret Pal

Angela Martínez said...

Ooohh! Yarn Pirate! I want to pet it! The color is sooo you, too. What a great pal you have!

And I hear you on not wanting to use the "good yarn." I am fairly confident in my sock knitting, and yet I still haven't dipped into the koigu my SIL sent me for my birthday nearly a year ago. I just haven't found the pattern that I've felt is "deserving" enough. :)

vegasangelbrat said...

Wow what a great pal you have to send a 2nd pkg.! That sure is some beautiful yarn!
Just stopped in and wanted to say Thank you for the Plug on the stitch markers!I hope you enjoy them.