Monday, October 1, 2007

What do you mean it’s October!?

Wow, I couldn’t believe it until I wrote the date for the first time today. It’s really October. Where did September go? And for that matter, where did 2007 go? It seem that every year goes by faster than the last. And to give you an idea of how crazy it is around here, I uploaded the pictures for this post on Friday but have not had time to post.

We are almost all moved in. There are just a few more boxes left that were stored in the other bedroom and out of sight for another day. It is really starting to look like home now. Since we had beautiful weather this weekend we were able to open up the house also. We have the perfect amount of windows to get a good breeze going through the house. It was nice.

I finished the first Horcrux Sock on Thursday evening and moved right on to the second sock. I figured out that they’re just a bit too small for my feet so they will be a gift now. I like this pattern so much that the knowledge that they do not fit me did not even stop me from casting on for the second sock.

I am a little farther along than this picture shows since this was from last Thursday, but you get the idea. The second sock is going smoothly and looks great. I can’t wait for this to be done so I can ship them off to the lucky recipient.

I also got some more Debbie Bliss on sale at my LYS and found out that it will not be on sale any longer after Saturday. I was a little disappointed because I thought were going to have it on sale until it sold out because they are not going to carry it any longer. They decided to purchase a few of the colors for the store again, so no more sale. Too bad…At least I got a bunch while it was on sale. I can’t seem to locate my cable to pull the pictures off my camera but I got 2 balls in black. Maybe another pair of Horcrux…

I also got a great early birthday present form my mom today. It was Awesome!!! It will have to wait for the next post because it’s raining now and that’s no good for pictures :-)

I hope everyone else had a good weekend!



Angela Martínez said...

The weather was gorgeous Sunday, wasn't it? It actually fooled me into believing that fall might actually be around the corner. :)

The socks look great, and I know the recipient will love them.

Hooray on the almost done moving in, too. Like I said, I think I still have boxes from 7 years ago tucked away in the shed somewhere. Nothing important, obviously. :)

And I can't wait to see what the early birthday present was. Don't you love early birthday goodies, and birthday goodies in general?

Gnat said...

Nice sock!!!

Hope the last bit of unpacking go well. It's been a crazy fast month but I'm glad it's cooling down here in florida!!

Happy Knitting