Thursday, October 4, 2007

I Need A Change

It’s October 4th and I haven’t touched the Horcrux Sock yet this month. I have been busy almost every day and I don’t see an end in sight. I will definitely have some great uninterrupted knitting time on the drive to The Keys in a couple weeks. We are leaving on Oct. 18th. I can’t wait…

I have an updated picture of the Horcrux sock but it is from the last time I knit on it. I am about halfway through the pattern part of the leg now.

I seem to have a birthday coming up also…I got a lovely early present from my mom on Monday. I don’t know if I was supposed to open it or not but I did. It was awesome!! She knows me so well!

I got a crème brulee set that I had to bake with that night (Yummy!), some of my favorite Warm Vanilla Sugar stuff from Bath and Body Works, a beautiful pink sapphire Journey necklace and a beautiful amethyst necklace and bracelet.

This stuff was perfect! I only wish my mom was close by and we could go out and celebrate together. I miss you!

Another early present for my birthday will be tomorrow. I am finally getting my hair done. I have not cut it or changed the style in years. For any of you who have had the pleasure of meeting me will have noticed my long dark hair. It’s as far down as my butt now. It’s the thing I get the most compliments about. (not that I get a ton of them anyways…) I mean strangers have come up to me in stores and tell me how beautiful it is. I am going to chop it off and donate the hair. I am just so tired of all the work it is to have long hair. Let someone else who really needs it deal with it :-) I mean that in the nicest way possible. I will be cutting it a little longer than my shoulders and coloring it. Nothing dramatic, just playing off my natural colors. It is a huge deal for me since I have been trying to grow it out since high school but I feel like I need a change. It’s just hair, it will grow back anyway.

I will have before and after pictures in the next post for those of you who are interested. And hopefully knitting progress pictures.



Angela Martínez said...

Oh wow! Great birthday goodies! You weren't kidding, were you?

I watched Paula Deen make a s'mores creme brule a few weeks ago and just HAD to make them that instant. Nevermind the fact that I didn't have any of the necessary ingredients.

Ahh, a haircut. I do love you hair, and it is the most gorgeous stuff I've ever seen, but I think you'll enjoy the shorter length, and how great of you to donate it!

Can't wait to see the results.

Anonymous said...

Best wishes on getting your hair done! It is always a big deal when you get that much cut off. My friend did the same this Spring and she hasn't looked back! So enjoy your pampering! (Oh, theres a package on the way also):)

Secret Pal

Patricia said...

Here is a pic of Christines haircut.
I printed it and ran to my hairdresser. Now I just need to lose the grey.

Kris said...

I'm not sure when your birthday is but I hope you had or will have a Happy Birthday!