Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Only 13 Days Left...

It seems like I have had no time for blogging lately…

Finally I had a somewhat normal weekend. I worked all day Saturday but the hubby and I were home on Sunday, together. It felt weird after all this time of us not being home at the same time. So to use the valuable time we had together, I met up with Angie. No, I’m not that mean, he came too :-) We both needed to get out for a while. It was nice to sit and chat for a while. I stopped by AC Moore too and got some craft stuff for my little sister and I on Thursday. Sunday night the hubby and I made it out to Merritt Island for a show called “The Living Christmas Tree.” They had a floor to ceiling fiber optic tree on the wall with people in each level singing Christmas carols and other songs. There was even a 7-year-old girl that sang the anthem. Wow could she sing…it was great.

Sunday before we left for the show I finally got the hubby to finish my new swift. Now I don’t have to use my feet to unwind yarn anymore. :-) I got the pattern for the swift here. It cost a whole lot less to make it than I would have spent if I bought one from a craft store. The wood for 2 of them was only a little over $10. Nice huh? Now all I need is a ball winder. For now I am perfectly content winding by hand.

I am almost finished woth the second Striped Sock.I have one more repeat to go then I start the toe. I have decided that the next sock will be Slippery Socks. Can you believe that the designer is a teenager?? She is so talented. I also decided to frog the Purple Eater Sock. I don’t know why but they were twisted at the toe. I have not touched it in months because it has been bugging me. So they are getting frogged and are becoming Sippery Socks.

I got started on the Baby Hat for my cousin and I really like how its turning out. It is slow going though since it is in fingering weight yarn. I am using Louet Gems Fingering in Crabapple Blossom. It’s the same yarn as the bootie but I don’t know if I will be making another bootie. I hope to have this hat finished by Christmas but it’s ok if it’s not. She is not due until March.

So it’s back to work in the mall tonight for me. At least I work across the way from barnies so I can grab coffee. They have a great Pumpkin Spice Latte.



Angela Martínez said...

Wow! You put me to shame with all that you did this weekend! I had a great time meeting up with you and T. I know we bore him half to death, but it's nice of him to come along. Maybe next time we'll get Wil to come, too. Then at least T won't feel like the only neglected hubby. :)

Wow! T's got the mad skilz with swift-making. Any time you want to use the ball winder, I can bring it along when we meet up. Between the two of us we have the set now. Yay!

I absolutely adore that hat you're working on, and the yarn! It's such a pretty color.

Oh, and you know that thing I cast on for (twice) while we sat and chatted Sunday? It's a super-fast knit! I'm already about 3/4 the way done! Gotta love a quick knit! This may become my standard gift knit item. The hat... not so much.

Sorry we didn't make it to the concert with y'all. I can't imagine how J would have behaved that close to bedtime, though. Thanks for the invite. Maybe next year.

twellve said...

Really wish I had a swift. Maybe I can convince my dad to make me one. The Louet yarn is such a beautiful color. *drool*