Thursday, December 6, 2007

Winter Is Here, Kind Of

**As I read the last post I realized that I sounded like a jerk. It’s not that I don’t like knitting for other people, I just don’t like being asked to knit for money. I love to knit gifts, almost all the things I knit get given away. Just wanted to clear that up…**

It’s finally starting to feel like the holidays around here. Even though its still 80 in December, we had the Christmas music playing all week. It’s actually starting to feel a bit cooler today. We even got to take Diana to see Santa in the mall. When I heard that there was a “Bring your dog to see Santa day” we had to go get her. She was so happy to be around all the other dogs and people. I am using the picture to make our Christmas cards. We still haven't put up any Christmas lights on the house. I have the feeling that we won't get them up since we are both working all the time now. It's ok, I have my tree up.

I am feeling so blah today. I am really tired and achy. I hope I’m not getting sick. I haven’t touched my knitting in days because I have been working on getting a mailout done for work. I was addressing, stamping and stuffing 900 letters. Not fun…I will be working tonight so I should get some knitting in.

The only thing that I managed to finish in the last couple days was the first bootie. I don’t like it. It seems small. I decided to knit a hat out of the rest of the yarn and if I have enough I will knit the bigger size booties. If the yarn is close I will frog the first bootie too.

I felt like such a fraud last night. I was shopping at the mall and found a gorgeous hand knit sweater. It wasn’t too thick to wear in our 80 winter (is will get cooler soon) and it was on sale. I bought it, what a shame. It’s even made of acrylic. I know…but it would have taken me forever to knit that, not to mention that I have never knit a sweater before. It was cheaper than if I had bought all the yarn to make it and was a beautiful color so I caved. And I call myself a knitter…

BTW, Did you see they the new Knitty and MagKnits are up??



Angela Martínez said...

Hey, there's no shame in buying and admiring a perfectly good machine knit and mass produced sweater. You're right about the cost being a factor, too. I figure that between time and supplies, if I were being paid an average salary to produce a sweater, It'd end up costing at least $6-700, and that's being modest. So yes, buy it and wear it with no guilt.

The picture of Diana is too cute. I wish my old scruffy mutt were social enough to do such things with... or photogenic enough.

BTW, have you compared the bootie to a store-bought bootie for size? You'd be surprised how impossibly small newborn footwear is. I think it's awful cute. Maybe instead of frogging, make the hat, and then use the bootie as a little keepsake of some sort for the parents to be.

Hope you get some rest soon.

Sinn-no-men said...

Just wanted to drop you a quick line and say hello and let you know YOUR THE BEST SECRET PAL EVA!!!

Kris said...

I didn't think you sounded like a jerk at all. I always feel funny when somebody offers me money to knit. I usually tell them I'd rather show them how to knit and they can make it themselves.

Diana looks so happy in that picture. To bad about the bootie, it is so cute, but the hat pattern is adorable to. Hope you are feeling better soon.