Monday, June 18, 2007

Mini Vacation

I’m back, not that I went anywhere though. I had a weekend filled with knitting, shopping, sewing, gardening and of course food. On Saturday morning I went to Cocoa Village to walk around and shop. I stopped in The Village Gourmet and Knit & Stitch and got a mini Cucina hand wash and lotion to go in my knitting bag, and some 2.75mm DPN’s.

There are a lot of cool little shops and restaurants in Cocoa Village. I stopped in Ossorio for an Italian cream soda and a Croissant bread pudding. It was delicious and refreshing to sit and people watch. I got some knitting done while I snacked too.

I worked on my Lantern Moon knock off needle case but I would rather not show pictures yet. It seems that I forgot how to measure since the piece for the large pocket ended up bigger that the whole case. But it is OK because I have a wonderful little thing called a seam ripper. :-)

I finally replanted my Plumeria’s on Sunday. They are too big for their pots and have started leaning. I decided to replant then in the ground by the front door. Since I would have 2 pots once they were replanted I bought some Lavender plants to fill them. I've been wanting to plant Lavender for a while. I just love the way they smell. My next project is to try and pull some of the weeds and grass from around the Plumeria’s. It was just too hot to do it yesterday.

I have the best of both worlds because I have 2 people to wish a Happy Fathers Day to. I got to talk to my Dad and Stepfather Rudy. My Dad and my nephew Joseph were fishing without me! Joseph is 8 and loves to fish. I miss them both a lot so maybe they will come visit soon. Rudy and my Mom were heading out to LA to visit my Mom’s Aunt Elva. I Miss her too. I hope I can make it out to California to visit again soon.

I got a lot finished on the Freesia Sock. I am now well into the leg. I followed Wendy’s pattern and was a bit confused at first but not surprisingly it all worked out and I have a beautiful heel. I got the 2.75mm DPN’s so I could go up a needle size for the leg. I thought it might be too tight if I didn’t.

Since it was Sunday, we had a nice big grilled dinner. We had top sirloin steaks, grilled onions and asparagus and fried noodles. Just what I was craving.

And no, I did not eat that entire plate. I loaded the plate up for the picture. :-)

I hope everyone had a great weekend!



Aunt Martha said...

I love the sock! Looks much better now!

I loved talking to you yesterday, it was a pleasant surprise.

The storm pictures were awesome, I hope the one taken through your windshield was done at a stop!

Plumeria looks happy in the ground; she sure is big!

Anonymous said...

I love Ossorio. Their croissant sandwiches are delicious. Your cinnamon roll looks pretty good too.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mic,
This is Rudy.
Happy Monday.

Patricia said...

Nice plumaria. I can't seem to get my cuttings to root. We'll have to plan an outing to Cocoa Village. Mauybe we can meet at Ossorio's and sit and knit...oh, and nibble.