Wednesday, June 27, 2007

One Down, One To Go (almost)

**If you live near Cape Canaveral, FL and have kids, there will be a kids fishing clinic this weekend. It is free and the kids get a fishing pole, tackle box and lessons on how to fish. It is from 9am-12pm on Saturday June 30th at the Port Terminal #4. If you would like to come leave me a comment or email me and I will give you directions. I will be with my company volunteering there**

I started the ribbing for the Freesia Sock last night but I think it is a bit short. I got a little nervous that I would run out of yarn so I started the ribbing.

Now that I am almost halfway through it and there seems to be yarn left I may rip back and make the leg longer. I was knitting at a tighter gauge that usual for socks so I used up more yarn. I am learning from my mistakes for sure.

I am almost done with the first Freesia Sock so I am trying to decide what to knit next. I want to do Child's First Sock but I don’t have Knitting Vintage Socks yet. I think I want to knit Monkey socks next. I don’t think I want to let myself cast on for another big project until I get a couple more things off the needles. I am close to finishing Zeeby’s bag and my Big Bad Baby Blanket….but I am bored with them both because they are mostly stockinette stitch. We’ll see. I think the Hourglass is calling to me…

I sewed on Sheldon’s legs last night but I think they look a little long for him. Maybe next time I will shorten them. He looks all nakey without his shell on!
Not much going on tonight so who knows, maybe the Freesia Sock will be finished!



twellve said...

i had the same issue with a sock i have been working on (nightmare).

maybe you know this already, but if you want to know how many rows you can do with your remaining yarn, you can measure the length of one row of stitches (as you rip back a row), then measure the length of the remaining yarn, then divide by the length of a row. voila! not exact, but should give you a good idea. HTH.

still a very pretty yarn. :)

Knitting Kitty Ring said...

Sock looks wonderful. The yarn looks great displayed in chevron.