Friday, June 1, 2007

Well Wishes for Jessie

Another weekend is here! I just love the weekends. Today is my boss’s birthday so we are all heading out to the Grills Tiki Bar (his favorite place). It should be a lot of fun! I will try and head out to Cocoa Village tomorrow because it has been far too long since I poked around in the LYS. I think I may go over to The Avenue to walk around and look also. There is a really nice craft store there too called AC Moore. I hope the weather is not too bad. It’s supposed to start raining tonight and all day tomorrow. We need the rain anyways.

Little Jessie is getting spayed today. I dropped her off at the SPCA this morning. I hope she will be OK. I can’t believe they labeled her as “Caution Will Bite”. She only hissed a little at the girl that gave her the shots. She really is a sweetheart. Last night she was being extra loveable and by the end of the night we knew she was in heat. If anyone has been through this with a cat knows why I am so glad they still took her in today. I will have to pick her up this afternoon and she will be a bit loopy for a while. I still have to find out where I can take Lenny to get neutered. He needs it soon.

I have been knitting but there is not much to show right now. I am still working on the Freesia Sock and slowly making progress. I tried to knit Sheldon’s legs last weekend but I was too frustrated when it didn’t work the first time. I will try again this weekend and finish him!

Cutie pie Lenny with his red eyes...

Anybody hungry for Sushi? I love Sushi!

I hope everyone gets to relax this weekend!


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