Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Random Wednesday

Well, it’s another rainy afternoon here. I love Florida storms (when I’m not driving in them) because they are not like storms anywhere else. I had never seen it rain so hard until we moved here. I think it is beautiful. Even when the power flickers in and out we just turn off the TV and light some oil lamps. The hubby will read and I will knit. It’s kinda romantic with all the thundering and such. I am not looking forward to driving home in this. Ugh…

I finally got some pictures of my Pink Dot Beach Bag. Like the pattern from Knitting Wench said, it only took me an afternoon once I had all the pieces cut. Cutting the pieces was a whole other project. You see, I am new to sewing. I will measure and re-measure and then cut. I measure again and the stupid thing will be an inch too short. What was I thinking? It just amazes me that I can be this bad at measuring. Well I don’t really think I am that bad but I do need to pay more attention and maybe keep the kitty from walking all over it. Still I think it turned out nice.

And I just love how the handles look. They have a strip of quilt batting in them.

I also worked on the Big Bad Baby Blanket. I have not felt like working on my sock lately. I still like the yarn very much but I just really want to get the blanket done and I’m almost there.

Has anyone seen Cafepress yet? They have a whole list of 3,320 items that are all knitting related. There are so many things that I want already. Funny stuff too! Like this or this. It’s great!

I also discovered Bloglines and I hate it. Is there another site that sorta does the same thing out there? I don’t know why but I really don’t like the way the site runs. It is not very user friendly to me. Right now I just have a bookmark folder that I have all the blogs in. I need to organize and I want to be able to access it anywhere, not just at this computer. There has to be more ways to do this.

And, there is another contest. Check out LaVerna’s site and enter!

Well I hope everyone has a good night! Is anyone going to go to Barnes & Noble for the Wednesday night knitting group?



Gnat said...

I'm the first. :) Have you checked out google's reader. If you have gmail click on the more button on top and then reader. It is handy when you read lots of blogs. :) I live in Florida too and just started knitting. Could you email me and let me know where in florida you are. I'm looking for a knitting group.


Kris said...

bloglines will allow you to log in from any computer. I haven't tried any other readers though.

I do like the fact that you can select which feed you would prefer to use, atom, rss, etc... (don't ask me the difference, I just find that atom tends to be more reliable...)

The other thing that I like is that you can sort the feeds into folders and indicated if you want your subscription to be public or private. Let's say you found a crochet blog, you might not want to let everyone know that you are reading it.

Bloglines will also generate html coding that you can insert into your Blogger template that will keep your blogroll current.

Lemme know if you want help setting it up.


Kris said...

Yeah, we've been getting a lot of rain. I love your pink dot beach bag, very cute.

I use google reader for keeping up with blogs. I've never used bloglines so I can't really compare the two.

Once again I've missed the group that meets up at Barnes and Noble. My daughter has violin lessons and then off to soccer practice on that day. We ususally don't get home till 7:30 and everybody is hungry. Maybe one of these days I will make it there.

The_Add_Knitter said...

I am a rain enthusiast myself. Love that pink material, so retro!!