Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Surprise, Surprise

I just love Surprises

Sometimes they are great. Like this one:

I got this from a contest that I won on Kris’s blog. I can’t believe it…I won a contest. It is my first win and the prize is so awesome. This is the bag that Kris made. Yes, I know, she made it…beautiful. If you want a bag for yourself, you can get one from her etsy shop or find a store here.

Also in the bag was a skein of Merino Oro lace weight and a hand knit dishcloth. Beautiful stuff. I can’t wait to knit with the Merino Oro but the only problem is that I have never knit lace before. Any suggestions for an easy beginners pattern with this yarn? I searched it on Ravelry and found a couple of nice shawls. The dishcloth is beautiful too. Love the colors and stitch pattern. I will have to ask Kris for it.

Thanks so much for a great contest prize!! I love it!

Other Surprises are sometimes not so great, like this one:

This was from Jessie. I came home to find the last ball of Knit Picks Swish Superwash that I am using for Zeeby’s Bag stretched all the way down the hallway into my bedroom where she leaves all her toys. I don’t know how she got it because I swear that I put it in a drawer. At least she didn’t chew through any of it.

Isn’t she sweet??

Zeeby’s Bag now has a pocket on the inside so all that’s left are the straps. I didn’t work at all on the last strap in the last few days because I am trying to cast on for the Purple Eater Sock. I started it using Wendy’s Toe-Up Sock with Gusset and Slip Stitch Heel but I don’t think I like how the toe looks. I am frogging it tonight and I will retry it with a short row toe.

Now back to looking for lace patterns :-)



Kris said...

So glad you like the bag!

The stitch pattern is from Dishcloth Boutique.

I love this pattern.

With the yarn - just be aware that it is cobweb not lace weight and will need to be knit on smaller needles (like a US 3 or smaller). Check out some of the patterns from Eunny Knits to see what she has done with this same yarn.

Kris said...

congratulations, looks like you got some nice treats. Jessie looks so content and your bag is moving along nicely. Also thank you for the heads up on the fiber festival.