Wednesday, July 18, 2007

What A Long Night

Well last night was unexpectedly long. The hubby came home at lunch after getting something in his eye at work. He installs home theater systems so it could have been wood, insulation or something else. We decided to go get some dinner at La Fiesta in Cape Canaveral but ended up going to the ER right after since his eye had not stopped hurting him. After waiting 3 ½ hours to see a doctor we found out he scratched his cornea. He went to the eye doctor this morning and he will be fine. It just takes a few days to heal. I was glad I had my sock with me to knit while we were waiting though.

I also knit in the restaurant while we were waiting for our food. After we left there was a car parked next to mine that had a sticker that said “I’d rather be knitting” and a license plate frame that said” I brake for sheep” I was so excited that it took all I had in me not to run back in the restaurant waving my needles shouting that I’m a knitter too. I don’t think I have ever just come across another knitter in public before. I was surprised they didn’t see me knitting in the restaurant. I got to get me one of those stickers…anyone know where to get some??

I got a package from my mom a couple days ago. She sent me holiday placemats. I loved them. They are so cute! I have never really decorated for the holidays, except for a tree, because I don’t really have any decorations. We have only been married 2 years and have not accumulated much on our own yet. Last year after Christmas I got a ton of stuff though. You know, the Wal-Mart day-after-Christmas sales. So now I have one more thing to decorate with. I got a set for Christmas, Valentines Day and Easter.

Ooooh, I almost forgot. I won another contest. This time it was over at Kitten Knits Yarn. I can’t believe that I have never one a contest before in my life and here I win two in one month! I am so excited. I can’t wait to get my set of stitch markers. Thanks Shell!!

Oh and did ya see?? Harlot is going to Atlanta in Sept. Is that too far to go see her??

Have a good day!!



Angela Martínez said...

You know, I'm a knitter down in Palm Bay, and I have yet to find another knitter in the area either. Funnily, I was wondering the same thing about the Harlot's Atlanta visit, too.

Kris said...

Congrats on winning the contest.

We got married right after Christmas and so we have a TON of stuff to decorate with.

Kris said...

I don't see many knitters either, and I to thought about visiting Atlanta :). I hope your husband's eye is feeling better.