Monday, August 13, 2007

Adventures in Fishing

Wow…that needed to be a 3 day weekend. I am pooped. The hubby and I are watching a friend's dogs for the week while they are out of town. Oh and a perk is that we get to stay here:

Beautiful house! (worth about 1.25 million, but who's counting?) Last night we were fishing off of the dock with some live shrimp and I caught a fish.

This is a big deal for me because fishing for me consisted of me handing the pole to my dad to bait it and when I caught something it went back to dad to deal with the fish. So me and my non-fisherman hubby are sitting there trying to bait a hook with live shrimp (Did you know they jump!?) and get it into the water. Hilarious. As soon as my bait hit the water I got a bite. I screamed for him to go get the camera while I reeled it in.

My hook was barley on the fish so as soon as it was out of the water it came off and fell on the grass. Now he’s trying to get a picture and I am trying to get the fish back in the water and the fish is flipping around. I can only imagine what the neighbors across the canal thought of this… At least we had a friend with us. This was the heron that wanted our shrimp. He was getting a little too close. Even though it was kinda icky, we had a blast.

I did a bit of knitting and a bit of sewing over the weekend. I made a couple more drawstring bags on Saturday. I just love these for on the go knitting and they are so quick and easy.

I also started a baby hat to test out the Knit Picks Circular Needles. I knew that I would love them! This is just in some baby acrylic that I had lying around. You know, the stash from before you knew there was better yarn out there. : -) I have a lot of that. The pattern is for a rolled brim baby hat with a topknot. If it turns out ok it will go to someone my mom knows that is expecting

That’s all for now. I haven’t been knitting nearly as much as I have wanted to lately. Life is too busy sometimes…: -)



Angela Martínez said...

I haven't fished in ages, and I think I would have fit right in with you. I'm a little girly when it comes to flip-floppy fish and jumping bait.

Cute bag, as always! And I'm glad you like the KPs. They're all I knit with since I got them. I started out with a Boye needlemaster set that I bought myself with a gift certificate, and I had no idea how much they sucked until I got the KPs. Now I know that knitting isn't supposed to be a constant battle with your needles, or leave you with aching hands.

Knitting in Pink said...

I really like your project bags. Can never have enough of them!