Friday, August 17, 2007

Did Someone Say Yarn??

Oh Yea, I got yarn for you.

I finally got my yarn from Knit Picks yesterday. I ordered more of the Memories sock yarn that was on sale. It is 100% Merino Wool and it is nice! The one on the left is Cape Cod and on the right is Rocky Mountain Dusk. I love these colors!

I loved how that yarn knitted up in my Memories Socks.

I also got some Peaches & Cream cotton yarn. I plan on making some Ballband Dishcloths as soon as I get my hands on a copy of Mason Dixon Knitting. The colors are Orange Sherbert and Shades of Green. I don’t really like orange but I love this light shade with the yellow. Yum! (I love how it looks like I got a ton of yarn but I really didn’t spend that much money!)

I am almost done with the baby hat. I moved it on to dpn’s so I can start the decreases. I guess it’s good that I started in blue because I just found out that the mom-to-be is having a boy. Great! I should have it done this weekend.

Speaking of this weekend…What projects to bring!? We are going to the grandparents tomorrow morning so I have to bring a lot of WIP’s to show off, Grandma Bea is crafty too. Then what do I want to knit at the game? I think I am bringing my Scrappy Hat (it’s been sitting in the bottom of the drawer way too long) and the Purple Eater Sock. Oh, and we found out that Grandpa is having a hip replacement surgery in 2 weeks. Not good since he loves to golf several times a week. Hopefully this will make him golf with less pain in the future. The hubby will get to golf with him on Sunday because he probably won’t be golfing for a while.

We are almost done dog/house sitting and it sure was fun. Their little dog Rusty is so funny! He follows me around everywhere. I mean if I get up to go in the next room he’s there, go back to the den, he’s there. He’s so needy, but I love him! As soon as we get in bed he digs to get under the covers too. The bigger dog is Bailey. She is older, but she still tries to follow me too. (only for her it’s for food) I’m gonna miss these guys!

Well I hope everyone has a great weekend!! BTW, I still haven't got the name of my Pal for SP11. Anyone else have that problem?? My Pal already emailed me...



Kris said...

Check the inside of the yarn label to see if the dish cloth pattern is listed there. I can't remember if it is on the inside of peaches and creme or Sugar and creme.

Angela Martínez said...

Nice selection of goodies. I can't tell you how bad I'm itching for a yarn shopping spree. *sigh* So much I want to knit, so little time and budget. :)

Hope you have a great time at Stitch n Pitch today. Make sure to tell us all about it.

Heddy said...

I haven't received my stitch markers either ... weird, eh?I even dropped her a note on her blog, to see if she was ok, 'cause she hadn't written anything in a while, then she blogged that she would be sending them out the next day or so -- but nothing yet. I will blog about them if I everget them (mine were mystery markers - she hadn't made them at the time of the contest -- I won for sending the most people to her contest from my blog.