Saturday, August 4, 2007

Rock On!!

Apparently I rock. Angie over at Stomping Through Mudpuddles nominated me as a Rockin' Girl Blogger. I am flattered! I have only had a blog for a couple of months and someone thinks I'm cool!! Now I have to nominate 5 more people.

There are so many blogs that I read so it's hard to choose!

  1. Angie- I don't know if this is cheating but girl you rock! Even though we did just meet a few weeks ago I feel like we have been friends forever. You are an amazing woman, mother and wife! I can't wait to tear up the town with you, knitting needles in hand!!

  2. Alyson- Girl, you sure do keep me entertained! From your crazy pets to your knitting husband, you have it all. We have never met before but maybe we will someday! You even got to meet the Yarn Harlot! Too cool!

  3. Sheri- The Yarn Connoisseur. I can't believe how fast The Loopy Ewe has become a worldwide addiction! You are awesome and take such good care of all of your Loopy Groupies! Happy one year anniversary!

  4. Patti- Your blog was the first that I ever read, before I even had a blog. I would enjoy reading about all the places you would go since you are in the same area as I am. It was so nice to see another knitter in Florida. You really inspired me to get out there and find the other knitters.

  5. Kris- I just recently added your blog to my blogroll and I love it! Again it's nice to see another knitter in my area. Thanks so much for helping me answer my knitting questions!

Now I'm off to a friends for a BBQ. Its been a busy week. At least the hubby got to relax and golf this morning. He scored an 88, his lowest ever!! I am so proud of him!


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Angela Martínez said...

Thanks for introducing me to some cool new blogs, Michele. And yes, you do rock.