Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Upcoming Events

I get so excited when I get new yarn. This is Knit Picks Memories in Yukon. I liked knitting with this on the Memories Socks and they had it on sale. In fact I just ordered some more. Can’t beat $3 a skein!

I have been really busy lately so I have not been getting much done in the way of knitting. I have been working on the Purple Eater and noticed that I haven’t posted on my progress lately. It’s just going to be a simple toe-up sock though, nothing special.

It seems like there are a ton of fiber related events happening in central Florida soon. I have been trying to keep track of it all so I will list it here.

As of now I have tickets to the Stitch N’ Pitch and I am going to the Fiber-In and Needleworks show. We’ll see if I can go to the Sewing Expo. I really want my mom and aunt to go too!

Let me know if you are going to any of these. There are already little groups meeting up at most of them.

Time to go home! Have a great afternoon!



Gnat said...

I'm waiting to go to Stitch n Pitch but as of now I don't really have any knitting friends to go with. I might just go anyway but not sure yet. :) I'm still trying to convince a non-knitting friend to join me.

Angela Martínez said...

Thanks for the list of events. I have a hard time keeping them all straight.

I'm pretty sure I'm not going to make it to the stitch n pitch. Work's punishing me with extra weekend shifts because I'm taking a week off at the end of the month, and I'm pretty sure that that's one of them. I'll check the schedule today and make sure. I'd really love to go, and J is infatuated with baseball right now. *sigh*

But I'm totally there for the fiber in, and for the needleworks expo in orlando for sure. I just broke it to hubby and told him to clear room on the credit card. :)

Hartgirl said...

I'm a St. Pete knitter with season tickets to the DRays. Yay! I'm going and am trying to talk my knitting friend into going with me. Are ya'll sitting together somewhere? We're in lower section right behind the 3rd base dugout.