Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Stupid Measuring Tape...

I finally got my pal’s info for SP11. It was hiding all this time in my spam folder. She sounds lovely and we have a lot in common. I can’t wait to start the spoiling.

I have been knitting on the Big Bad Baby Blanket the past few days and I am really close to finishing it. I guess I am a little late because the baby it was originally for was born in March. It’s ok, I will keep it for us. I just have a few more rows until I start the border.

I am almost done but I was ready to throw it against the wall last night. I measured it to see if I was ready to start the border and the bottom square was 11”. The top square was at 10.5” so I only needed 1/2” more to go. After knitting all night I measures again and the bottom was 11.5” and the top was still 10.5” How does that work?? I just gave up for the night so hopefully it will cooperate and I can start the border tonight.

I am excited to say that we don’t have a thing planned yet for this weekend. All I want to do is relax with my knitting and a cold glass of cucumber water. If you have not tried that you should. I read about it on a blog somewhere, I guess they serve it in spas. Just put a few cucumber slices in your ice water. Yum! It definitely gets me drinking more water. Geez, it’s only Wednesday and I a already dreaming of the weekend.

Well back to work for me…


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Angela Martínez said...

That sounds like an absolutely perfect plan for the weekend. That's all I really want to do, too. Instead, I'll be working, then packing bags for our trip. The good news is, after this weekend, I don't work again until the 6th of September. Yay!

The baby blanket is looking great. I started one back a LONG time ago but never got past the first mile of stockinette. Even with a little patterning, it was just too redundant and unexciting to hold my interest at all.