Friday, May 11, 2007

Happy Friday

I have about had it with the second Memories Sock. I really had to push myself to even start it. I think it’s because it really is not a very Springy colorway and right now I want something bright and cheerful. And, I do not want to have a bunch of SSS socks floating around. If I get started with that I will never stop...

I really have been eyeing my Claudia Handpainted in Freesia that I picked up from The Loopy Ewe for my next socks. It looks much more like Spring. I think I may try the Jaywalker socks. I've seen them on a few blogs and they look great!

It definitely is a Happy Friday. The DH finally got the part he's been waiting for since last weekend so he can fix his car. All week he has been driving me to work while we have two broken cars sitting at home. And his project for this weekend: Fix both cars so I can have my car back and he can sell the Accord. Then all would be right again in the world.

And to leave on a good note, My kitty Jessie:

Have a good weekend!!

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