Friday, May 18, 2007

It Wasn't Meant to Be

I really do love this yarn so I think this may be a problem on my end. Follow me here; I cast on for the Freesia Socks on Wednesday night. I knit the ribbing. Last night, on my first round, I came up with an extra stitch in the final rows of the ribbing. Ok, Not a big deal, lets see which needle is missing a stitch. After I counted I had six extra stitches, six! How I knit the ribbing and did not notice 6 extra stitches is beyond me. Needless to say I frogged it and started over. After I cast on, again, I counted the stitches. I recounted the stitches. I had the hubby count them. I would’ve had the cat count them if she could. I had 84 this time so I joined them and started the ribbing. Half way through the first round I noticed I twisted the stitches. Did I read that annoying little part in the pattern that says, “Be careful not to twist?" Apparently not. Frogged again. And now the yarn goes away before I cut it into a million pieces.

So this is the state of the Freesia Socks:

I really wanted to cast on so I could knit in the car for the long drive tonight, so I will just have to work on something else. I decided that I do not like top down socks so I will cast on a toe tomorrow and begin. I did get to pack my cute little knitting bag for the car ride even though my clothes are not packed. Do I see my priorities mixed up here? Not at all.

My Mom got me this little bag when I was in California back in March. My mom, Aunt Martha and I went for a girls day out to a bunch of craft stores. I love it but this is the first time I’ve used it. It is perfect for a couple projects. I added Velcro to close the top. Let’s see if I can keep my yarn away from the Velcro. If you noticed I have my Clover Yarn Cutter Pendant hanging there that my Aunt Martha got for me that day too.

Also, today is my Mom's birthday!! Happy Birthday Momma!!! Sorry I didn't send you anything for your birthday but I kinda blew my budget on Mother's Day :-) But you know I love ya!

I will have actual knitting pictures up soon….I promise…I will be knitting that darn sock this weekend!

And just because my Jessie is so cute!

Hope everyone has a good weekend!!