Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Random Tuesday

I thought I made some progress on the Freesia Sock last night but it looks the same this morning. I knit all the way to Melbourne yesterday but it doesn’t show. I did try the sock on and it seems to fit ok but it might get a little tight on the ball of my foot. I am at that point now so I won’t know how it fits for another day or two.

Like I said, I knit all the way to Melbourne to look at the new VW Jetta GLI turbo. We test drove one and loved it. I get my cute car with more room (for the kiddies in the future) and the hubby gets his turbo. It was fun to drive although it was an automatic. I wanted a manual but at least this one is tiptronic. That means that you can switch to manual and shift but there is no clutch. Kinda cool. I was really happy with it but we probably won’t get the GLI because it is more expensive than the regular Jetta and the only difference is a couple upgrades. We would definitely be happy with the 2003 Jetta 1.8T (also turbo) so we went into the office to talk numbers. Ugh. They looked at my 2001 Mustang as a trade in and when he came back Thomas almost fell out of his chair. They were going to give us $4,500 for a trade in. $4,500! I laughed at him. I thought he was joking. He must have been joking. Our car blue books at over $9000. So he went to redo the numbers and came back with an offer of $5000. He was wasting our time so we left. We did find out that we can definitely afford the 2003 Jetta 1.8T with no trade in. We just have to sell our Mustang and get what we want for it first.

And because it is a random Tuesday, we have a random picture. These are some pictures of New Orleans from our trip from California back in July 2005. These were right before hurricane Katrina.

This old church was really neat, then that night there was a full moon and it looked really creepy. I think I was a little freaked out after walking around in the French Quarter and seeing all the Voodoo shops. We took a tour of the graveyard too.

It's a wonderful day in the neighborhood...


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