Thursday, May 24, 2007

Is it the weekend yet?

Now that my Aunt Martha has her package (I hope!) I can post the picture. While I was in Beverly Hills I saw some great fabric. She told me that she was making an American Flag quilt so I picked up a yard of this fabric for her. I thought it was so cute. I wish I had a sewing machine!! It would be nice to pick out pretty fabrics here and there to make a quilt. My mom told me that she finished sewing some PJ pants last weekend. I bet they are cute!

I got a little knitting done last night before we left. I will have more pictures when there is more to show.

We went to a friend’s house to look at his surround sound system last night. The hubby is going to do some work there to hide all of his components. He had the cutest dog, a Shar-pei. She was so excited when we walked in that she ran full speed to come in the house but hit the sliding glass door. Poor Dog, she hit it so hard!! I’m glad she was OK.

Speaking of cute pets...Here's another adorable picture of Jessie napping. I think I am neglecting Lenny. I have only posted one picture of him. I will have to get some good ones of him soon.

It's a random Thursday with not much going on but I will have more knitting pictures up tomorrow. As for this weekend, not much of anything. Just finishing up a couple of projects around the house, and replanting my Plumeria. It has gotten so big that it started leaning. It really needs a bigger pot.

Have a great day, its almost a 3-day weekend!


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Anonymous said...

I love the fabric! It has gotten me in the mood to quilt again! I had put away all of my quilting stuff before Easter since we had company coming over for dinner and I had to clear my 'hobby' table, (dining room table...) Thank you so much Mic! I love your blog! Love you.