Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Hats and Kisses

I worked on the Freesia Sock last night and it is looking great. Again this morning it doesn’t look like I made very much progress but I did.

I finally took pictures of the baby hat and booties I made. They were a little small for the baby I was thinking of but I think they will be OK for Sheri’s Challenge.

I will send these crocheted hats too. I made them for me when I first started crocheting again but I never wear beanies. Come on, I live in Florida. I think its great that Sheri is getting everyone to pitch in and donate. There are kids out there that need these more that I do.

My mom sent me this great email yesterday. I hope this never happens to me!

So, it's your first kiss and several questions might come to mind:

Is it the right time?

Is anyone watching?

Does your partner even want to?

Is your breath fresh?

And... Should you use some tongue?

Then you lean in and just go for it!!!

That is so cute!! and kinda gross but it’s OK, she little. I wish I knew where the picture came from.

That picture will follow that little girl around forever!!


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