Friday, May 25, 2007

Woo Hoo 3 Day Weekend!

Wow, I have a whole 3 days to do whatever. What do I do? Probably nothing. The hubby gets to golf on Sunday, and work on the car all weekend. Me? I thought about heading to the beach to lay out and do some knitting. It may be kind of packed this weekend but there are some less crowded areas around. Maybe a walk around Cocoa Village or Cocoa Beach. We’ll see. (it doesn’t hurt that Knit & Stitch is in Cocoa Village either) I wish my mom was close by. I know she’d love
Cocoa Village.

I made good progress on my Freesia Sock last night. I really like how the colors are pooling. They are spiraling around the sock. I am past the ball of my foot and it is fitting nicely. I may have to keep these for me.

The one on the Left is the front and on the right is the back.

I love how it is looking!!

I am also going to try and finish Sheldon this weekend. All he needs is legs and those won’t take any time at all. I think he looks kind of sad without legs to run and play.

I got my fist comment yesterday from my Aunt Martha. I am so happy she loved the fabric but I really was surprised that she had put the quilting away temporarily. I could not imagine have nothing to do with my hands!

I also got some good pictures of Lenny last night. I have to figure out how to get good pictures of him without the red eyes. He loves his treats!! Every time I feed him he looks for the treats.

I hope everyone has a good Memorial Day Weekend!!


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