Monday, May 21, 2007

Back to work I go

Monday morning again. I am a morning person but I have to admit that I hate Monday’s. I just feel icky until I get my stuff together at work. Maybe it’s because I’m always running out the door Friday afternoon. Oh well, I will live.

My weekend was great! I got some good knitting time in but not many photos. My and the hubby drove over to his grandparents house on Friday then picked up Aunt Candy on Saturday. I love sitting around the table with Bea, Nancy and Candy just talking. Well more laughing than talking. We have fun with just us girls. Thomas and his grandpa got to golf Sunday Morning and got way to close to a gator for me, even if it was a little one. He said that they were feeding fish but then the gator was eating the fish…

We brought our bunny Lenny with us and everyone just loves him. He got way to many treats. Every time someone walks by him (including me) they give him a treat. There were plenty of friends for Lenny. (Two Poodles and a Chihuahua) I put him down with the dogs and to my surprise they got along great. Lenny and Jessie still are not friends yet. He stamps his feet when she gets too close, but they at least smell each other now.

As promised I got some knitting done. I finally made progress on the Jaywalker Sock. After the trouble I had trying to knit it top down I changed my mind again and cast on a toe. I knew that I know how to do a short row toe so now they are to up Jaywalkers. I think they look great but they may be a little small for me. I know that my gauge is a little too tight but I don’t have DPN’s in US size 2 (2.75mm) so I just knit it with what I had. I haven’t decided if I will frog it and get some US size 2 DPN’s or give the socks
They are average sized but I have big honking feet. (size 9-10)

I also got a little shopping done, but not for me. I will have some pictures after she gets her package.

Have an awesome Monday!!


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